Seiko has a rich history of firsts in the watchmaking, like creating the first commercial quartz movement, but the brand has also satisfied fans by inspiring a new generation of watch enthusiasts to customize their watches.

Watch modding, a process of changing your watch’s aesthetics from the original factory design to your preferred one is a relaxing, meditative hobby providing a lot of room for creativity. Today, you have nearly limitless options when it comes to Seiko mods.



Not only that, but more luxury watch owners are getting into the modding game. 

The culture of Seiko modding has grown over the past decade, however, is Seiko modding still worth doing in 2023?

We think so - let’s find out why Seiko mods are more popular than ever! 


The Mod Community is Still Growing

The global community of Seiko modders and enthusiasts is still thriving, with new modders joining every day as a result of people still wanting to create a unique watch for themselves. 

There is a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support available for those interested in modding their Seiko watches. In fact, more and more watch brands are joining the modding movement, and there are loads of custom parts available. 


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With a wide variety of Seiko models with dedicated websites and forums, it has never been easier to get into Seiko mods. 

In the early days, help and support wasn’t always easy to find. Now, the Seiko Mods FB Group, the SeikoMods Subreddit. And a dedicated Discord server provides a deep knowledge base for anyone who wants to grow with the Seiko watch modding community.  

If you just want to buy a modded Seiko, you can either purchase ready-made modded watches or reach out to experienced mod specialists that will build whatever you want. The watch mod parts that are on the market are excellent, and we are always working to create better options for our supporters!


GMT Parts Are Just Starting to Come Out

As anyone who loves Seiko already knows,, the NH34 is the new movement from Seiko with a 24-hour complication, better known as a GMT function.

The NH34 is built on the same platform as the already famous NH35 and NH36, so many of the parts that exist already will function with this new GMT movement. However, there are also a couple of small caveats.


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The NH34 is slightly taller than its three-hander brothers, so it may not quite fit in a stock SKX case. Some people have used domed crystals to overcome this, but as the NH34 is still new to the Seiko modding scene, more time is needed to see what works best. 

The availability of specialty made GMT parts for Seiko watches is increasing, with more and more options becoming available. After the NH34 got released in the middle of last year, part suppliers had to plan, design, manufacture, and quality check a whole new range of parts to offer 100% compatibility. 



At namokiMODS, you will find high-quality GMT parts in addition to other varieties of watch spare parts for your watch mods. We promise – we are working hard to offer a huge range of NH34 parts, so keep an eye on our website in 2023! 


Hypercustom Is Starting to Become More Accessible

The trend of hyper customization in Seiko watches is on the rise as more high-end, low-production parts and components become readily available. This allows for greater customization options such as laser-engraved (or sometimes even hand-engraved!) cases and case backs, made-to-order or hand-painted artisanal dials, or even 3D-printed parts!


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With these options, modders are able to create truly unique timepieces that reflect their personal style and interests, and are ultra-rare. This is a significant shift from the traditional mass-produced watches that are widely available, and it allows individuals to truly stand out with their timepiece.


Luxury Watch Mods?

The watch modding scene is no longer limited to affordable brands like Seiko, it is now spreading to luxury brands as well – like Rolex. One of the most popular Rolex mods you will see right now are aftermarket bezels or dials that feature fun colors, or interesting materials. Of course, Rolex mods are not as accessible to the public due to the high price tag and pushback from the luxury brand.


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Modding a Seiko watch is a great way to get started in the world of watch modding and potentially move on to modding more expensive brands in the future. With luxury brand modding, the stakes are high, with used Rolex models starting around $6,000, and going up from there. 


No Limits for Your Dream Watch! 

There are loads of ways to get into Seiko Mod Watches, and 2023 offers you better opportunities than ever before. Now you can choose from an NH34, NH35, or an NH36 as the base for your mod. 

The range of different Seiko mods is almost unlimited. You can start with a classic SKX007 mod, or use OEM Seiko spare parts to create a stunning watch that is exactly what you want. Check out our extensive catalog of Watch spare parts, and find the right look for you.   

Happy modding!

January 18, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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