It’s Spooktober again - it’s almost time to dress up as ghouls, witches, and superheroes and have fun!

Halloween is an evening for children, and indeed, adults today are just as likely to spend time putting together their own outfits and getting in on the fun. 

If you are a fan of cosplay, Halloween is a wonderful time of the year that offers you a holiday to use costumes that might seem out of place on a regular day! 



Dressing up for Halloween is not only a way to show off your love and passion for your favorite characters, but also a great way to highlight your talent for choosing clothes and makeup.

Watch brands also like to get in on the fun this time of year, with some of them releasing limited edition watches that are true to the spirit of halloween. 

Let’s check out some of the best, wackiest, and spookiest halloween-themed watches out there!


Novelty and Themed Watches

In the watch industry, the term “novelty watch”can mean hugely expensive limited edition timepieces, and many rip-up traditional watch design norms to separate themselves from the herd. 

There are some unconventional timepieces out there. Today, novelty watches are increasingly popular as watchmakers offer buyers an instantly recognizable design piece. 

If you are looking for a timepiece that is a great watch design for the coming Halloween season, here’s our list of 5 spooky watches you may love. 


Memento Mori Watch 

Source: Horologium


A clear homage to the Mexican “Day of the Dead”, these skull watches are full of personality and design. Created during the days when Fiona Krüger was still a design student in Switzerland, the Memento Mori is a one-of-a-kind timepiece. 

The case is shaped like a skull and made from solid sterling silver. The traditional blued-steel hands and aviator style crown give the watch an interesting look that really stands out. 

In addition to the shape, the dial is a lot of fun. It is a combination of carved, laser-cut, colored, and polished elements that create a decorative skull motif. 

Also, the dial uses materials like gold and rhodium-plated brass. The perlage polished plate that makes up the teeth is great, and brings a very interesting combination between the mechanical elements.

The automatic movement inside is a stock Swiss ETA 2824-2, but let’s be honest, this watch is all about looks. If you can get your hands on one, the Memento Mori is an incredible design piece. 

Richard Mille Tourbillon Skull

Source: James Edition


Similar to the Memento Mori by Fiona Krüger, the Richard Mille Tourbillon RM 052 Skull watch is a skull watch, and if you have an extra $100,000, or more, it could be a nice addition to your collection. 

The unique Skeleton watch has four bridges connecting the movement to the case. The four bridges act as the dial and are a “skull-and-crossbones” pattern inspired by the Jolly Roger. 

Moreover, the upper and lower “jaws” hold the ruby of the tourbillon cage while the back of the skull is also the movement’s center bridge.

The watch is a two hander that also has tourbillon seconds. The hour hand, minute hand, and indexes are finished with luminous material that makes this model easy to read. 

Throughout history, the human skull has manifested itself as a design motif that can mean danger, but also reminds us of how life passes into death. The RM 052 Skull watch is an amazing design that combines design and technology in an incredible way.    

The tonneau titanium case, which requires 255 machining steps including 86 stamping operations, is a miracle of modern technology. Like anything from Richard Mille, the RM 052 Skull watch isn’t cheap, and was made in very limited quantities.  


Gucci Ghost Watch

Source: Hypebeast


Gucci is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and many people love its designs. In addition to garments and eccentric sneakers, the high-end fashion house has also created accessories for its clients. 

The Black G-Timeless GucciGhost Watch is a uniquely-themed watch that Gucci has added to its ever-growing accessory lineup. 

Made with PVD-coated stainless steel, the watch has a Gucci ghost graphic on the face, and a matching strap with the double-G logo. It also has a sapphire crystal, and a Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

The nice part about this watch is the price, as it can likely be had for less than $1000 USD. While not as cheap as the parts to make a Seiko mod, given the designer status of the piece, the price tag seems reasonable. 


Swatch Monster Time

Source: Live Auction World


Not all novelty watches are costly. An inexpensive timepiece that has all the right design cues for Halloween is the Vintage Monster Time Swatch. Introduced in 1994, the watch is a result of a collaboration between the Swiss watchmaker and American painter Kenny Scharf.

Scharf has worked to push design boundaries and has a sense of humor that naturally fits the spirit of the brand. The wild face of the watch has a unique painting from Scharf, and the color combo is sure to stand out on any wrist. 

The bright green lines that weave their way across the rubber strap are eye-catching, and the overall design is perfect for anyone who wants a very different watch that can work on any fun occasion. 

Like anything from Swatch, the Vintage Monster Time is affordable, fun, and a great way to grow your collection without breaking the bank! 


Invicta Sea Spider 1120

Source: Invicta Watch


The last spooky watch on our list is the Invicta 1120 Sea Spider which sports a 48mm wide and 15mm thick solid stainless steel case and a fixed bezel. It also has a silver-tone spited on the face, which is why it made our list. 

The Invicta 1120 Sea Spider has a Swiss Ronda 763 quartz movement and water resistance to 100 meters, in addition to its great dive watch looks. 

One of the great things about the Invicta 1120 Sea Spider is that it looks normal enough for everyday wear, so you can use this one for Halloween, and keep rocking it all year long. Just keep it away from arachnophobes and you’ll be good to go!


A Perfect Spooky Homemade Watch!

If you love spooky watches, and want to make your own, you can use all the aftermarket watch mod parts that we create for your project. There are loads of SKX007 parts to take advantage of, and make any kind of mod you want. 


Source: @bbmod_france on IG


Orange parts on a black PVD case can make an impression of a Jack-o-lantern, while skeleton parts are a natural choice since it’s not halloween without a few bones.

In addition to aftermarket parts, namokiMODS also stocks OEM Seiko spare parts, so you can make any kind of watch you want, including a Rolex homage

Hope you have an enjoyable Halloween season - and happy modding! 

October 21, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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