In the Seiko modding community, we’re all familiar with the timeless Batman mod. It is an homage to the ever popular black and blue GMT-Master, and is one of the most common designs that people want to redo with their own personal touch.

If you’re curious as to how the Batman look got its nickname, we already tackled that here. Spoiler: it’s not because Batman wore a Rolex in a movie or TV show while dispensing vigilante justice in the streets of Gotham. In this article, we’ll be focusing on a few part combinations to give you inspiration on how you can make your own custom version of this design.

The “Faithful Homage” Combination

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To create something unique, you must first know what the common design is, and it is the one that looks very similar to the original Batman.

The case would of course be the Submariner-style, a classic case with the unmistakable 3 o’clock crown guard and its straightforward lugs. It has a mix of brushed and polished finishes for a touch of sophistication, and can be paired with the Oyster or Jubilee bracelet for an homage look.

The Sub-style bezel is a must, with its scallops pattern at regular intervals making for another classic look, and a reliable grip when rotating. Partnered with this bezel is the insert that is essentially the cowl that turns an ordinary watch into the Batman watch, and that is the dual time style black and blue insert.

For the dial, feel free to use any black designs with no numerals - keep it to just circle and triangle hour markers if you can. Lastly for the hands, Mercedes style is the top pick, which is the same design you’d usually get on Rolex watches.

The Japanese Dark Knight


To give your Batman mod that Seiko flavor, you just need to use some SKX parts while sticking to the black and blue color scheme. The insert is going to again be the determining part, but instead of dual time, you can go for a 60 minute marker that is common with Seiko divers. A coin edge bezel is going to be a stylish pairing with this insert.

You don’t have to think too hard for the hands and dial - the SKX style hands are a functional set that will not take away from the Batman look, and the dial can again be any black diver style dial with circle and triangle markers instead of numerals.



You will be housing these on an SKX style case with a 4 o’clock crown guard and rounding off the build with a black FKM strap, or a blue one if you want to match the blue on the insert instead.

The Batman Samurai GMT

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This parts combo is a bit similar to the previous one, but with even more of a Japanese influence and the addition of a GMT function. The biggest part change, as the title implies, is the use of a Samurai style case, with an angular aesthetic that adds more character to the build while keeping to the 3 o’clock configuration. You can fit this again with a coin edge bezel - the slimmer ridges compared to the Sub-style bezel makes it a better match to the case’s look.

For the dial and hands, again no strict recommendations and you can play around with different combinations, but you probably can’t go wrong with a black dial and Mercedes or Samurai style hands. 

And as we’re using an NH34 GMT movement with this build, we need to add some GMT markers which you can go about in two ways: with a GMT insert or chapter ring. If you’re going for the insert, we have two styles you can choose from; one is the classic 24-hour insert with black on the top half and blue on the bottom half - this will work well if you are using the PVD Black Samurai case. On the other insert design, the top half is blue and the bottom half is grey, which is a bit more unconventional but it looks better with the steel finished Samurai case. 

If you want the GMT markers to be more subtle though, you can choose a different Batman insert (perhaps one with Seiko style markers) and just use a GMT chapter ring. You can go for a black chapter ring for a stealthier overall look, or you can choose a navy finished one to match the blue on the insert.

Want to make this build even more stylish than it already is? Add a display caseback and a blue rotor so you have something nice to look at even if you turn the watch over.

Wrap Up

The Batman mod is a classic design that allows for lots of personalization and creativity. Don’t be afraid to play around with different cases, bezels, inserts, dials and hands to come up with your own unique Batman watch. Having a GMT function also opens up more design possibilities with chapter rings or 24-hour inserts. With some imagination, you can build a dark knight timepiece that has never been done before.

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Happy modding!

May 08, 2024 — Jeremiah A

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