What is namoki X?

namoki X is a program for designers and modders to produce your Seiko mod part idea with the help of an already established supplier.


How to Submit Designs and How to Get Accepted

Email your design to bd@namokimods.com for vetting. We are primarily accepting designs for (but not limited to):

  • Watch Cases
  • Bezel Inserts (GMT-ready preferred)
  • Dials (GMT-ready preferred)

These are the most visible parts and have the most impact on the looks of a watch. However, if you have an amazing idea for a chapter ring, caseback, or etc., we’d be happy to see them.

No need to prepare a physical prototype. Even if it is just a rough sketch, or a full-blown ready-for-the-factory 3D model, as long as it gives us an idea of the look you are going for, then you’re good to go.

Here are the criteria we will be looking at before accepting and producing your part design:

  1. Will it be cross-compatible with our other available parts, as well as OEM Seiko parts?
  2. We are already capable of making homage parts on our own. Is your design unique and has mass appeal?
  3. Seiko has just released a new GMT movement. Is your design compatible with the NH34?

If you answered yes to these questions, we are eager to hear from you!


New Changes to the Namoki X Program (2022)

Namoki X used to be a time-constrained program where we would only be accepting designs for the period of a month. Moving forward, Namoki X will be open all year round so you can submit designs whenever, and our team will take the time to vet your idea.

We will also carry through one of the original ideas program which is collaborating with designers to work on something that reflects both parties’ brands. Think Seiko X Street Fighter, or Nike X Aston Martin. If you are a designer, even if you’re not in the watch modding space, you may reach out to us or we may reach out to you!


What You'll Get

Launch Support

Bringing a mod part to market can be too expensive for individuals. We will help launch your product by bearing the initial costs of manufacturing and handling communications with the factory.

Marketing Support

If you already have the physical parts, you can benefit from this program by selling them on our website with exposure to tens of thousands of monthly site visitors. namokiMODS is active with marketing on multiple platforms so when we sell items, we sell fast.

Logistical Support

As an added benefit to you, we will be handling your logistics and customer service so you can say goodbye to costly international shipping fees, mountains of customs paperwork, and unsatisfied customers.

Profit Sharing

namoki X will help produce your watch part and make it available to customers, while you get a percentage of every sale for your designed item in addition to a lump sum upon acceptance of your design.

This can be a form of passive income for designers who have great ideas for new watch parts, but need help with getting them off the drawing board and into reality. 

First namoki X Releases

The first product launched under the namoki X initiative is the AF-001 Snowflake Skeleton Dial by Awful Customs.

Inspired by the Zenith Defy and the AP Royal Oak (40th Anniversary), the AF-001 Snowflake Skeleton is a must-have for your next skeleton build. Featuring two distinct metal layers, this dial has been carefully designed to frame the NH35 date wheel perfectly - it’s also perfect for the NH38 and NH70.

The second one is the "Cyclic Cyborg" dial by Eduardo Barbosa

The mineral glass dial is a cross between the Jacob & Co. BS431's see-through dial and a circuit board, making it a truly unique piece that tech-lovers and watch fans are surely gushing over. The patterns are of course, fully lumed so you can enjoy its intricate details even at night!

You can check out both these dial designs here: namoki X Dials.


Upcoming Namoki X Releases

The latest Namoki X contest has just concluded, with the winning design having been chosen by the team. We are pleased to announce that the chosen design will give way to an entirely new platform for modding, and we are working closely with the designer @andoandoando_design in polishing the details before announcing the actual design to the public.

If you actively watch the modding scene, you may already be familiar with him as the designer of the highly-intriguing A1 Auto Watch, a microbrand with a peculiar case that has been used by some Seiko modders to create never-before-seen builds.

We are very excited to share more details with you guys, so keep an eye on this page and on our socials for more updates!


We hope this new program gets the interest of the talented designers, modders and creators in the watch modding scene! We’re excited to hear your ideas, modfam, so send us a message at bd@namokimods.com now!