Sapphire crystals are a big upgrade over the OEM Hardlex crystals on the SKX007. Where can you buy these types of watch crystals? You're actually in the right place as we have 5 different kinds of Sapphire crystals that you can choose from.

First, why would you change the OEM crystal on your watch? After all, it is the trademark crystal that Seiko is known for. Compared to other common materials, this mineral-based clear glass is softer but more flexible, giving it better impact resistance. This is great for people who tend to bang their watch on hard surfaces a lot.

The same properties also make it great for deep diving, as Sapphire Crystals tend to shatter under intense pressure while Hardlex would crack first, giving you time to realize that something is wrong with the watch. They also last quite a while and easily replaceable once it collects one too many scratches.


seiko skx007 sapphire crystal

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That said, Sapphire crystals have its advantages as well. SKX007 these days are usually reserved for desk diving so there is no need to worry about it shattering under too much water pressure. By upgrading your watch crystal, you get a daily beater that is much more scratch-resistant. It also has a refined clarity and elegant look that fits the requirements of high society. This makes Sapphire the material of choice for watches in the luxury range.

Here are our 5 Sapphire Crystals for the SKX007:

1. NMK301 - SKX007/SRPD Double Domed Sapphire Crystal - This type of crystal prevents distortion when viewing a watch in any angle. It has a beveled edge that adds a touch of style to your Seiko.

2. NMK302 - SKX007/SRPD Double Domed Sapphire Crystal (No Bevel Edge) - Like the first item, this allows for legible viewing from any angle. This variation has no bevel edge allowing the crystal to seamlessly transition to the bezel insert.

3. NMK303 - SKX007/SRPD Top Hat Sapphire Crystal - The best choice if you are looking for a vintage theme. This product is designed to sit much taller and stand out.

4. NMK304 - SKX007/SRPD Flat Sapphire Crystal - If you want the same look as the original Hardlex crystal from the SKX007 but want the benefits of a Sapphire crystal, this is the part to get.

5. NMK305 - SKX007/SRPD Domed Sapphire Crystal - This version sits lower than the other domed crystals in this list, making it the perfect partner for flat inserts.

Want to know more in-depth info about our sapphire crystals? You can check out this blog post. We hope this helped you finally decide to upgrade from Hardlex to Sapphire Crystal!

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August 18, 2021 — Jeremiah A