Inheriting an heirloom can be an amazing experience. Heirlooms have a symbolic value that means a lot to the recipient. While you can build your own Seiko watch and use it as an heirloom piece, lots of people like to buy classic models to hand down. 

An heirloom watch is a wonderful way to carry on a family tradition while also treasuring timeless beauty and excellence. 

Watches reflect the passage of time, and as it goes by, the sentimental and practical values of heritage watches stay unchanged. That is what distinguishes an heirloom watch as a legacy passed down through generations in a family. 

Watches as Investments

Just like vintage cars and antique furniture, the watch industry has seen an increase in the number of individual investors buying and selling watches, particularly at high-end auctions. 


An increasing number of people are seeing watches as a suitable investment. Source: Uniform Wares


The key factor is a growing awareness of the timeless value of timepieces. Some perceive watches as jewelry to enhance their appearance, and some view watches as profitable investments.

The fame of Swiss brands is widespread in the industry. When it comes to high-end watch brands, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Patek Philippe are outstanding examples that possess value that mostly grows after every generation.

What is an Heirloom Watch?

An heirloom of any kind is a piece of property passed down through generations which symbolizes personal connections. 

It is also usually worth a lot of money. Source: Time and Tide Watches


A new watch that has emotional significance could be a family heirloom, or it could be an antique that was purchased from someone else.

When it comes to heirlooms, the watch you choose needs to have a personal meaning. Popular heirloom timepieces are frequently associated with historic stories passed down through talking with family. 

Heirloom watches reflect not only an investment, but also exceptional relationships, as well as a bond between the buyer and the watch.

Popular Heirloom Watches

Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is one of our quintessential heirloom watches. The most famous chronograph watch was initially linked to the Olympics under the nickname “timekeeper.” 

The Omega is also closely associated with significant milestones in NASA missions. One of the space missions was the origin of its famous “Moonwatch” label. 


First watch on the moon; an impressive feat indeed. Source: Swisswatches Magazine


The first Speedmaster watch - the CK 2915, also known as the “Broad Arrow”, possesses some of the hallmarks of the Seamaster and Railmaster watch series with 3 sub-dials, 2 of them for the chronograph function.

This version features a straight lug, broad arrow hands, and a steel bezel with black engraved lettering. The iconic straight baton hands came in 1963.

Traditionally, the watch case measures 39 millimeters. The second Speedmaster, CK 2998, was introduced in 1959 with alpha-shaped hands and a black aluminum bezel that improved visibility. 

With later models, Omega enlarged the watch's diameter from 39mm to 40mm and placed an O-ring around the pusher to achieve increased water resistance.


A beautiful craft: the Calibre 321 Source: Monochrome-Watches


The Caliber 321, introduced in 1942, was the movement of choice for this classic model. Caliber 321 was developed in collaboration with Omega and Lemania, one of Omega's companies at the time. 

Widely regarded as one of the finest watch movements, the movement stands out for its horizontal-joint starter mechanism and chronograph column wheel.

The movement was modified a few years later by adding anti-magnetic shielding and stress absorption, qualities that helped the movement qualify for NASA tests later on. 

It is equipped on a couple of models including the first watch that traveled into space on America's first spacecraft - and the first watch worn on the moon. Both are Speedmasters.

Any of these classic Speedmasters would be an incredible heirloom watch, and should hold value for years to come. 

Rolex GMT-Master I & II

The Rolex GMT-Master line is one of the most famous GMT models out there. It was designed for pilots, but has grown into a beloved piece that transcends age and professions. Rolex first introduced this iconic timepiece in 1954, with the ability to display two time zones for efficient scheduling.

The first Rolex GMT-Master featured an Oyster coating, a 38-mm case, and a GMT hand. The bezel rotates and is marked with 24 hours. THe bezel insert originally combined blue and red; the official color scheme of Pan Am Airlines, who worked with Rolex to make the original GMT master a reality. 


The black and blue Rolex, aka Batman. Source: Monochrome Watches


The GMT-Master II first appeared in 1983. It wasn't just a name change, but a larger shift in the model. The watch has a sapphire crystal, a quick date setting, and a glossy dial with white gold hour markers. 

The addition of the "II" symbolizing a new standalone setting with a 24-hour hand is a significant step forward. 

This is what shaped the vintage Rolex aesthetic. The Caliber 3285, developed by Rolex, is the latest movement of the Rolex GMT-Master II family and will likely be used for any new models in the future.

The GMT-Master II watch has a rich background, and its value has stood the test of time. If you want to create your own GMT Master II inspired watch mod, check out our bezels and bezel inserts

Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank, inspired by the actual WW1 Renault tank, has an elegant French look with a rectangle shaped case. The bold Roman numerals stand out with their haphazard arrangement and crown. 

The watch cannot be confused with other designs, and stands out in any collection. The Tank also has a sapphire cabochon on the crown, which is Cartier's trademark symbol.


Beauty and value that survives the test of time. Source: Bloomberg


The Cartier Tank is a superstar, and is a favorite accessory for high-profile figures and celebrities such as Princess Diana, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, and Frank Sinatra, as well as Saint Laurent and Tom Ford. 

Because the Classic Tank watch is no longer manufactured, it has become even more valuable and rare. Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Americaine, Tank Francaise, Tank MC, Tank Solo, and Tank Cintree are the current Cartier Tank watches in the line. 

The Tank Solo Quartz is most likely the least expensive. This watch combines classic and modern elements, as demonstrated by the silver dial and gold case. 

The design is also very close to the original Tank Watch. The most noticeable difference is on the outside, where a quartz movement replaces the original traditional mechanical movement.

Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 5227

Gorgeous, sophisticated, and elegant, watch connoisseurs and collectors can’t simply ignore Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 5227. This is also a watch that will always keep its value. 

Like other Calatrava watches, Ref.5227 has a German-style movement, with a focus on minimalism, and top-notch craftsmanship. The Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227, which combines "Aesthetics with Function," has long been a favorite among watch collectors.


Minimalist looks and an amazing heirloom. Source: Grail Watch


Watches are available in white, yellow, or red gold and feature the trendy 39mm case. Ref. 5227 is the largest Calatrava model available today. The dial of this timepiece is simple and easy to read with a dauphine hand, a central seconds hand, and a date display.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 is powered by the 324 S C movement, a manual automatic movement with a frequency of 4Hz. The 324 S C has an upgraded power reserve of 48 hours with 29 bezel jewels, one Gyromax spring, and one Spiromax spring. 

If you have the funds, it would be hard to imagine a watch that is more desirable than something from the Calatrava line. 

So Many Options for an Heirloom! 

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July 05, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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