Summer is the time of year when you may need to be cautious of what you wear to prevent heat rashes and other skin conditions. When it comes to accessories, this is especially true. On a scorching summer day, we like to wear light and thin clothing and avoid unnecessary accessories.


 Don't want to be the scratchy person in the group. Source: Prevention


However, for watch enthusiasts, we don’t leave the house with a bare wrist! A watch is more than a timepiece and acts as a fashion statement. Simply changing the strap on your watch can completely modify its appearance and helps make it more comfortable to wear under the heat as well.

So, what's the best way to wear a watch comfortably in the summer? It all comes down to the types of watch straps you use. For hot summer days, selecting the right type of watch straps is critical. This is because leather straps and metal bracelets aren't meant to be worn in the hot weather. You also want to be looking at watch straps that are easy to swap out so you can easily switch them based on the season. In this article, we’ll share our top 3 Seiko watch strap choices for the summer.


Recommended Seiko Watch Straps for the Summer

1)    NATO Straps


Comfy and stylish. Source: @jlmeyer43_edc


NATO straps were introduced in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defence as an option for soldiers to wear in the field. A favourite among the British Special Forces, the strap became an icon of ruggedness and reliability.

Customers must be cautious while selecting a NATO strap because there are so many on the market. When you put a costly watch on a cheap NATO band, you risk losing it. Because the quality of NATO straps varies greatly, it's critical to consider a few factors, including the strap material and buckle quality. It's also crucial that the width of the strap you choose matches the width of the lugs on your watch — a badly-fitting band may be just as frustrating as a cheaply-made one.


The perfect strap to wear at the beach.


If you love watches, the NATO-style watch strap has become more than an important watch accessory — it's nearly a requirement. One of the nicest characteristics is its extra length, which allows it to be adjusted so that you can have a comfortable fit on your wrist, especially during the summer heat. Thus, if you have a fine watch, we suggest that you invest in a good NATO strap — and our Seatbelt NATO Strap in Sand might just work for you.


2)    Perlon Straps

What if we told you there’s a way to escape the heat and enjoy wearing your favourite timepieces all summer?


Very summer-friendly design! Source: Gear Patrol


If you're unfamiliar with the term, a perlon is a type of watch strap that dates from the mid-twentieth century and was allegedly designed by German watch strap maker, Eluit. Perlon is a unique style that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. Like the NATO, perlon is made of nylon, but instead of a single strip of tightly-woven material, it's braided from little nylon loops. As a result, the strap, like the Milanese, has a plethora of perforations, making it more breathable than a solid equivalent, and the texture inherent in its weave feels dressier than your average pass-through strap.

Air can still reach your skin when you're wearing your perlon strap, keeping you cool. The benefits can be amplified even further by using a light-coloured perlon strap.


3)    Rubber Straps

In the summer, rubber straps are the most adaptable watch bands and many customers’ go-to options. Rubber watch straps can be worn anywhere and can withstand any circumstance, thanks to their natural resistance to sweat and water. They are most commonly linked with dive watches and are available in a range of styles. If you’re looking for a new rubber strap for your dive watch, our Rubber Strap in Waffle Black not only looks great with any dive watch but is especially awesome on Seiko dive cases!


Perfect for the heat and resists sweat too. Source: @mod_by_stef


Not all rubber straps are created equal: vulcanised and natural rubber is more expensive, but the cost is usually justified by its long-lasting performance. Aside from ludicrously costly timepieces, fitness enthusiasts will enjoy how durable it is and how it doesn't absorb the stink of leather and sweat. If you prefer a more vintage look, our Rubber Strap in Tropic Forest Green is one of the most iconic strap designs to have.

Are you an avid fan of wearing rubber straps? We got you covered. We wrote an article about “All You Need to Know About Rubber Watch Straps”, so you can discover more styles, patterns, and colours suitable for you.


Watch Straps to Avoid for the Summer

4) Leather Straps

People have been wearing timepieces on leather straps for approximately as long as they have been wearing watches on their wrists. The reason is pretty obvious, because who doesn’t love leather? However, leather straps are not the greatest option to go with and should be left at home in the summer.

Leather’s biggest drawback is its unbreathable material and how it makes your wrist uncomfortable and sweaty. They also have a tendency to wear out over time. You could prolong it by avoiding water activities and cleaning them to maintain their quality and prevent cracking. But, they will still wear out and need to be replaced.


If you insist on leather, make sure it has airflow. Source: @gonciuu


However, if you do decide to stick with leather throughout the summer, keep it light and choose something perforated to allow for better airflow.


5) Metal Bracelets

Similar to leather straps, you should avoid wearing a metal watch bracelet during the day in the summer because skin against hot metal can cause irritation and even light burns.

If you don't mind getting some sweat on your steel bracelet, then by all means, go for it! Source: @lucalbert


A metal bracelet, while not technically a strap, can still be switched out easily. Bracelets are strong and adaptable. A glimmer on the wrist always looks best beneath a shirt cuff, whether you're dressing for work or play. If you want to explore further, here are the top 5 metal watch bracelet designs you should know about.


Wrap up

When it comes to summer watch straps, there are plenty to choose from. We hope this article can help you in choosing the most suitable watch strap based on your preferred style.

With all this talk about watch strap choices for the summer, you might also be wondering what’s the easiest way to change your watch strap.

You don’t have to worry about the quality - we only use the best parts that we have available. You can be sure that the watch strap you get is something you’d want to wear.

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