Seiko makes good watches. Beautiful watches. But with over a thousand watches released over a century, there’s a few models that Seiko would rather have us forget.

And in a way, these are really unavoidable. In this highly competitive society, watch brands always have to one-up one another and release more innovations and design varieties to convince you that “this is the right watch for you.” Ugly watches exist from all names.

Besides collections like the ones from Grand Seiko that inspire imitation, some models from the Japanese brand have simply not been nice looking (or sometimes very strange). With more than a century of watch production, it is understandable that Seiko sometimes misses the mark. 

Today, we are bringing you some models that may be rarely mentioned by Seiko fans. The opinions that exist for the watches that follow run the gamut, but many people simply can’t stand these Seiko watch designs! 

Seiko Ananta

The Ananta collection was very bold in terms of design. It was easily as good as Swiss brands in terms of its technical design and execution - but the designs were…um…very different. 

Introduced in 2009, Seiko tried to design something that would be so unique that it would never go out of style with this collection. 


Getting overrun by indices. Source: My Watch Site


Ananta watches used top-end movements, and the cases and components were crafted with a similar level of finishing to Grand Seiko. From the perspective of a design competition, these models were spectacular. 

The design and style of the case was likely lifted from Katana sword making, which the Japanese love as a cultural icon. These watches are unlikely to achieve the same level of appreciation (despite the absurdly high level of finishing). 

A few Ananta models were driven by Seiko’s proprietary Spring Drive movement, which is used in other high level Seiko models. The overall design has not penetrated the rest of the Seiko line, which is probably for the best. 


Source: mcnabbanov/Watchuseek


There are a few issues with these models, and the biggest one is likely the case. The Ananta line was too big for some people. Then, there was the price. All that finishing wasn’t cheap. The movements also added a lot of cost to the overall product. 

Let’s just say, for $5,000, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace, so this model was overlooked by many people. It is still a very interesting watch, and probably has a place in a museum somewhere…

Seiko Tuna

Many people know the Seiko diver line, and not much else. The Seiko Tuna is an iconic design from the company, but even many people who love Seiko divers don’t get the Tuna. It’s probably the most polarizing model out there.

It is in no way conventional. The cowling on the watch makes it look like a Tuna can (hence the name), and you can forget about wearing it under any kind of shirt cuff. 


A very divisive look. Source: A Blog to Watch


There’s no denying that the Tuna is unique in the watch world. They are big, bulky watches that stand out no matter where you are. At this point the Tuna aesthetic has been used on many models, both classic and modern. 

It is worth remembering that the original Tuna was created in a form follows function design process. It was an amazing technological achievement at the time. 

That said, there are a lot of people out there who say that “the Tuna is not for them”, to put it lightly. 

Some high end Seiko lovers also don’t like this Tunas are now offered with run-of-the-mill quartz movements, but hey, most Seiko movements aren’t the best looking ones out there. 


Love 'em or hate 'em! Source: 60 Clicks


At this point, Seiko makes Tuna-inspired designs at almost every price point, so there is clearly demand for this style of watch. In fact, here at namokiMODS, we even offer a Tuna-style aftermarket case

Seiko Velatura

Seiko isn’t afraid to take risks, especially with higher end watch designs. The Velatura shows just how not afraid Seiko is at times…

The Velatura looks amazing on specs sheet. It packs a Caliber 8R28, an advanced automatic (Kinetic) chronograph movement created by Seiko. But you know, once you look at it, the whole thing kind of falls apart. 


Oh boy... Source: Chrono 24


It sort of looks like something that a designer over at Invicta would have thought up. If you are looking for something to give a highschooler – this one might fit the bill. 

The dial is jam packed with complications, including a moonphase, and a hand set that is extremely odd. It is a very functional watch, but many quartz models could do the same for a lot less cash. 

Of course, other lux brands like Hublot use some pretty out-there (we might say gimmicky) designs, so maybe Seiko had that in mind when pushing the Velatura through the production process. 

Seiko SNKE04J1

Not every Seiko 5 is a winner like the new 5KX. The SNKE04J1 does a lot right mechanically, but it looks like something that would be better off left alone. It is two tone, has a sport bezel with unappealing font on the insert, and the dial and hands choice look jarring.


It's the best pic of this watch we could find. Source: Brand Sky Ltd.


The pressed metal bracelet is an absolute nightmare to wear as well – which is yet another reason why this isn’t going to be one of the more popular Seiko models, ever.

Aside from the movement, we can’t help you with Seiko spare parts for this one, so if you buy one, you are stuck with a watch that few people appreciate.  

Seiko Monster

Even in the world of Seiko fans, the Monster is an acquired taste. There are some good reasons for this. For one, it isn't at all like most of the other Seiko dive watches. 

The case of the Monster is certainly what sets the watch apart from other Seiko divers at first glance. It is thick, at around 15mm, and has a very odd design (compared to just about anything). 


Another controversial yet popular design, much like the Tuna. 
Source: Monochrome Watches


The aggressive design elements don’t stop at the case, as the bezel insert and dial are almost cartoonish. If you are a rock steady surfer, maybe this style works for you (got a flame bro?) 

Unlike the dress divers of the world, the Monster is a weekend watch for sure. For many Seiko lovers, this design is just too far out there. 

They Could be Inspiration… 

People with access to watch mod parts are sometimes accused of making ugly watches. Now you can see that some of the best designers in the world are accused of the very same thing! Beauty is very subjective, and when you modify or build a watch to your own taste, you shouldn’t be looking to please everybody. Dare to be bold!

Here at namokiMODS, we think that modified watches are amazing, and we support the hobby with some of the best aftermarket parts in the world. Most people know we have great SKX007 parts, but we have a huge selection of spare parts for other Seiko models too.

June 25, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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