Watch modding is a rewarding hobby, but one that is limited by the parts available in the market. You may have encountered this before where you have a great idea for a watch, but can’t make it because there’s a specific part design that you need that is not available through any supplier, anywhere. A make-it-or-break-it situation.

We hope to slowly solve this issue. 

The namokiMODS team is thrilled to announce a new initiative for creators and modders: namoki X!


What is namoki X?

namoki X is a new program that benefits the people who design and make watch mod parts, and the people who use them.


Launch Support

Bringing a mod part to market can be too expensive for individuals. We will help launch your product by bearing the initial costs of manufacturing and handling communications with the factory.


Marketing Support

If you already have the physical parts, you can benefit from this program by selling them on our website with exposure to tens of thousands of monthly site visitors. namokiMODS is active with marketing on multiple platforms so when we sell items, we sell fast.


Logistical Support

As an added benefit to you, we will be handling your logistics and customer service so you can say goodbye to costly international shipping fees, mountains of paperwork, and unsatisfied customers.


Profit Sharing

namoki X will help produce your watch part and make it available to customers, while you get a percentage of every sale for your designed item. This can be a form of passive income for designers who can imagine new watch parts, but is not interested in building up a whole new business.


How to Submit Designs and How to Get Accepted

Email your design to for vetting. Here are the criteria we will be looking at before accepting and producing your part design:

  1. Will it be cross-compatible with our other available parts, as well as OEM Seiko parts?
  2. We are already capable of making homage parts on our own. Is your design unique and has mass appeal?

If you answered yes to these questions, we are eager to hear from you!

What it Means for Modders

Having more designs available in the marketplace can only be a positive no matter how you look at it. With a wider variety of parts, you can plan out even more unique and sophisticated pieces, and ‘discovering’ a cool new combo of parts is always an exciting moment for any modder.

If you think a collaboration between us and a creator you like would result in a good product, let us know and we will help facilitate orders/pre-orders for exclusive and limited edition releases.

We hope this new program gets the interest of the talented designers, modders and creators in the watch modding scene! We’re excited to hear your ideas, modfam, so send us a message at now!

September 30, 2021 — Jeremiah A

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