We recently ran an Instagram Giveaway where we prompted modders to share their favorite mod with us. We wanted to know your "namoki story". We'd like to say a big "Thank You" to every single one of you who took part in this - it was truly a pleasure to look at all your beautiful watch mods, and to learn more about the stories behind each build. The watch modding community is such an awesome and enthusiastic bunch of people, and we're really fortunate to be a part of this collective.

Enough talking - let's move on to some of the dope mods that you guys shared with us.

Firstly, some honorable mentions that we really enjoyed.

Honorable Mentions

The Panerai x Samurai - Pamurai? Samunerai? - @watch.mod.munk

Panerai homage in a Samurai case

This one is by @watch.mod.munky on Instagram - an awesome "Seiko homage" to Panerai watches. Using our NMK906 Samurai SKX Conversion Case as a base, watch.mod.munky really nailed it with this build. The choice of dial really speaks to its Panerai inspiration. Paired with the slightly chunky Samurai conversion case, this watch is undeniably good-looking, and it really does look like a Panerai at first glance!


The PADI x YM mod - @terry_tjk

Seiko PADI YM mod

Submitted by @terry_tjk on Instagram. I'm personally a little biased here - any mod that uses a PADI dial is an instant-win in my book. Paired with the ever-popular Silver YM Bezel Insert, and a set of Polished Silver Mercedes Hands, I'd be happy to slap this watch on my wrist any day of the week. The cyclops on the crystal (that little Day/Date magnifier) is a fantastic little detail as well. Very nicely done, Terry.


Stealth YM with Yellow Accents - @self_winder

SKX Black YM Mod

Another YM mod - this one's by @self_winder on Instagram. I say "another YM mod", but that statement really doesn't do this watch justice. Self Winder pairs a black YM Bezel Insert with a NMK901 PVD Matte Black Case and PVD Matte Black Bezel combination. This choice of parts makes for a stealthy little piece. Worn on this NM style strap, this build has a very tactical, almost military vibe to it. And those hints of yellow in the seconds hand, chapter ring, and strap... Sweet.


Second Runner Up

3D Printed... Metal?! - @watchmodsdubai

Countdown Bezel Insert 3D Printed

This one actually blew our minds a little. Submitted by @seikomodsdubai on Instagram, this watch is quite literally one of a kind. @seikomodsdubai designed this custom bezel insert in a 3D CAD software, and commissioned his buddy to 3D Print this insert in metal, with a cobalt chrome finish. How cool is that?

Notice how the insert counts down instead of up - which is how most dive watch bezel inserts are designed. This is referred to as a countdown bezel insert. As a teacher who often engages with his students in time-boxed activities, @seikomodsdubai wanted a way to conveniently have a countdown timer on his wrist. This build is the perfect example of form and function existing in perfect harmony. We also love the fact that he got this insert 3D printed. We love that he designed something unique and personal, without sacrificing utility.


First Runner Up

Jade YM Mod, Stunning Photography - @stevenboto

SKY YM Mod Jade Dial

Pretty obvious by now that people love YM mods! Steven (@stevenboto on Instagram) shares the very first Seiko mod that he's modded by himself. This is a beautiful mod by any measure - first attempt or not. The sunburst jade-green dial really brings this watch build to the next level. Pro-tip, people: Sunburst dials and YM Bezel inserts go together really, really well. In this case, Steven has gone with a Silver YM Bezel Insert

What really drew us to this entry, was Steven's keen eye for aesthetics and good photography. All his shots were carefully framed and composed, and each photograph was a pleasure to look at. Do check out more of his photos on his Instagram page!


The Winner!

Sinn 857s inspired build - @watchbuilds

Seiko Sinn Mod

It's a shame that we can only choose one entry to be our favorite. On the bright side, this entry from Andy (@watchbuilds on Instagram) is truly deserving of that title.

This watch build was documented in great detail on Andy's Instagram page. Each component of the watch was meticulously selected to ensure that the final product would be exactly what he envisioned. Our PVD Matte Black NMK904 case was the perfect choice here. Paired with that dial and hand combination, this build is definitely a worthy homage to the Sinn 857s that inspired it.

Watch Parts for SKX Mod

What we appreciated about this entry is that we were able to observe the entire journey of building the watch, from the initial idea to the final product. I think anybody who mods anything can appreciate this - it's really about the journey, not the destination, is it not?

The excitement and thrill of piecing together something beautiful; something that's entirely your design; something that's to your specific taste and preference - This is why we mod. This is what keeps us coming back to the hobby. Thank you Andy for bringing us along on this journey, and thank you to everyone else who took the time to be a part of our humble contest.

'Til our next giveaway, Happy Modding, Modfam!


July 05, 2020 — Glen H

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