SKX013 Uhr Armband: Oyster gebürstet



Beenden Sie Ihren Traummod mit einem wunderschön gefertigten Austern-Armband, das den SKX013 und unser eigenes Sortiment von SKX013-Uhrentwicklungen perfekt angibt.

Fitment wurde auf Original Skx013 und mehreren Aftermarket-Fällen getestet. Dieses Armband ist eine perfekte Passform.


- 316L Edelstahlkonstruktion
- gekrümmte feste Endverbindungen
- Double Lock Taucherschließe mit Druckknopf
- gefräster Verschluss
- Schrauben Sie feste Verbindung mit 3 Mikrolöcher einstellen
- Verjüngt sich von 20mm bis 1.6in mm

Kommt mit einem Paar von 20 mm fetten Federbären.

Kompatibel mit SKX013 und unseren Fällen von NMK903.


Compatible with SKX013 and our NMK903 cases.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Dave H. (San Francisco, US)
Very good band

Loved this band, fit, secure, and looks fantastic

Goldstein (Palmdale, US)
Quality and finish

One side of the bracelet where it attaches to the case would simply not fit. I ended up grinding some of the material in order to lock into the case.

My other biggest concern is that the gold finish is already coming off and will need replacing soon. This is one of my biggest complaint as i love the bracelet but will not purchase any two tone bracelets.

Benjamin F. (Denver, US)
Great bracelet

Fits great on my samurai

Dan D. (Berkeley, US)
Great Bracelet

I love the way this looks!

I am a life-long fan of an MLB team whose colors are orange and black (at home those are usually on a white uniform), and I got it in my head that it would be nice to have a watch in matching colors, so I set about building one.

The case and crystal choices were simply because I needed something that was compatible with the NH34 GMT movement, which was the other requirement of this build as my company's home office is in a different time zone than I currently reside in. Over all I'm pleased with the way this came out. There were a couple of snags as I went through this process, but overall it was easy, fun, and well, like I said, I like the result.

Constantine (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Does not fit SXK009J1

It was the worst installation experience of my life. This bracelet comes with fat spring bars and solid end links. The spring bars do not fit the wholes of the watch at all. I had to go to service and ask a guy to bend them to make it work.
The bracelet quality overall is okay. I wouldn't say that this is a superb bracelet. Everything is juggling and making a sound.
I was disappointed with the overall experience. Especially for this price. Just take any Ali bracelet and the result will be almost the same.
It took 28 days to come to Ukraine.