For the past few decades, Seiko has held a steadfast position in the horological world, a beacon of quality and craftsmanship, epitomizing affordability without compromising on style. The brand’s inherently mod-friendly nature (due to the availability of a huge variety of aftermarket Seiko-compatible parts) has spurred a vibrant modding community, allowing enthusiasts to customize their timepieces to reflect their unique personas. Today, we dip our toes into the world of Seiko modding, focusing on some of the more popular and easy to do modifications that we sell here at namokiMODS.

To start, the heart of any great watch mod is the dial. This is the part of the watch you'll be seeing the most of, so choose wisely. We offer a range of remarkable Seiko-compatible dials that ensure your timepiece makes a statement. 


Namoki Grey DIal


The choice of a watch hand is just as important, and the Marine Master Hands is one of our top-selling hand designs. Sporting a design that mirrors the robustness of Seiko's iconic Marine Master, these hands not only enhance legibility but also inject a bold aesthetic into your timepiece. The lume-filled hour, minute, and second hands glow in the dark, adding a functional touch to its stylish design. If you're going for a build with an OEM+ (ie. kinda looks like something Seiko themselves would design), this is a great handset choice.


namoki marine master hands

Source: r/SeikoMods


A mod would be incomplete without a new bezel, and the our aftermarket bezel options are a fan favorite. It's one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your watch, and it's also one of the easiest ways to do it. Just pop your bezel off, swap the insert, and you're good to go. Designed to fit various Seiko models like SKX007 and SKX009, these bezel inserts are made from materials like ceramic, glass, and stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to scratches. Our inserts are designed to blend seamlessly with a various types of crystals, giving the watch a smooth and refined look.

Speaking of crystals, one cannot overlook our Double Domed Sapphire Crystal for the Seiko SKX, and other compatible models. It's resistant to scratches, and the double dome design eliminates distortion, ensuring the dial is always readable from any angle. The inner side of the crystal has an anti-reflective coating, enhancing visibility under various lighting conditions. This is a hugely popular "first upgrade" for most Seiko modders - the sapphire crystals that we sell are a major upgrade from the Hardlex crystal that most entry-level Seiko divers come with from the factory.

If you REALLY want to switch up the look of your watch, it's time to look at aftermarket Seiko-compatible watch cases. For fans of the iconic Submariner, the NMK909 Brushed Silver Case is a perfect choice. This stainless-steel case, with its brushed silver finish, exudes an understated elegance. Designed to accommodate various Seiko movements, it provides a solid foundation for your mod project.


NMK909 Sub style case

Source: r/SeikoMods



Modding a Seiko is a journey of creativity and personal expression, enabling watch enthusiasts to create a timepiece that is truly their own. For most Seiko modders, the mindset is that you're not just modifying a watch; you're crafting a timepiece that is uniquely you. Remember, the beauty of Seiko modding lies in the details, and here at namokiMODS we strive to curate all the parts you'll need to make your vision come alive.

In the end, the best Seiko mod is one that encapsulates your personal style and passion for horology. So, go ahead, let your imagination run wild, and create your 1-of-1, unique and exclusive masterpiece. Happy modding, modfam!

Mai 17, 2023 — Glen H