Modding Seiko watches has become an incredibly popular hobby amongst watch enthusiasts. From simple dial and hand swaps to full case mods, there are endless options to customize your Seiko diver, or even build a brand new timepiece from scratch.



One of the easiest ways to give your watch a new look with just one part change is by swapping out the stock bezel insert for an aftermarket option. Glass inserts have quickly become a top choice for modders seeking to add a flash of color or vintage styling. With their durability, range of options, and high-end finished look, glass bezel inserts can instantly transform the aesthetics of any Seiko watch. In this article, we’ll look at why glass is likely the best insert material for your next Seiko mod.


Benefits of Glass Bezel Inserts


Glass inserts offer significant visual advantages over ceramic, aluminum or stainless steel options. They look good under the light, making it almost seem as if the crystal is extended up to the bezels. It gives the insert a mild distortion effect that really captures the vintage look.

The range of colors rival those of ceramic inserts, but with better color reproduction especially with warm tones like red and orange. This allows for more customization options to match any dial and handset combination.

Regarding the form of the glass, you can either get it domed or flat depending on how you want the watch to look. Rolex is one of the first brands to introduce glass bezel inserts in their watches, and the flat look has certainly added an elegance to their already classy watch. The domed glass has a more unmistakably retro look however, which is perfect if you’re trying to make a throwback watch.



The collectible aesthetic provided by a glass insert is unmatched by other materials. The crisp, clean printed markings give a high-end finished look compared to faded and discolored aluminum inserts over time. Glass can provide vintage styling similar to aluminum or steel but with modern durability. For any budget Seiko diver, a simple insert swap elevates the look instantly. With so many colors and options available, glass bezel inserts give you the flexibility to customize your perfect Seiko mod that reflects your personal style.


Using Glass Inserts on Your Build

Quality insert options can be sourced through popular mod part suppliers like namokiMODS, so be sure to check out our massive catalog! Most inserts are compatible with popular entry-level Seiko models but are most commonly available for the SKX007 and similar-sized cases. A friendly reminder: glass bezel inserts will usually be styled as flat inserts so make sure that your crystal is compatible with them or else you might get an unsightly gap between your insert and crystal.



Installing an aftermarket glass insert into your Seiko diver is a straightforward modding process. Follow standard bezel removal practices, then carefully pop in your new glass insert. Use adhesive like crystal sealant to secure the insert if needed. With some basic modding skills, you can easily upgrade to an aftermarket glass insert.


Glass Bezel Insert Designs to Consider

Now that you’re (hopefully) convinced to try out glass inserts for your mod, what designs should you consider using?

Of course, we can’t miss the extremely popular Coke and Pepsi colorways. The iconic black and red, and blue and red colors have been a staple of modding bezel inserts, thanks to Rolex’s influence on the watch scene. These colors pair well with black dials which is also what you would normally expect on diver builds.



Beyond that, we have the Gulf Livery-inspired blue and orange inserts, another infamous color combination that are often paired with light blue dials for a racing-themed timepiece. If you’re looking for something niche but not too fancy-colored, the black and blue “Batman” glass insert might be more your style.

And for the modders who just want their watch to look all-black, we also have stealthy glass bezel inserts for you.


Wrap Up

Glass bezel inserts offer a world of options to customize your perfect Seiko diver mod. Their durability, stylish aesthetics, and range of colors provide benefits unmatched by other insert materials. If you’re looking for a secret sauce that will make your next watch build that much more awesome-looking without having to tinker with it too much, give glass bezel inserts a thought!

To explore the wide range of glass insert options for your next Seiko mod project, visit our online store. We offer an extensive selection of mineral glass inserts in a wide variety that will suit your preferences. We also stocks all the mod parts and accessories you need to build your customized Seiko timepiece. If glass bezel inserts are a bit too far out for you, we also have ceramic and steel inserts in every style and color you will probably need.

Happy Modding!

Oktober 26, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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