From Bond to Batman, watches have always held a significant place in film and television. But they are far more than mere props. Each timepiece worn by a character does more than just tell time—it speaks volumes about their personality, style, and the era they inhabit. Watches are chosen with precision, much like the characters themselves, to mirror their nuances and complexities.

So let's take a moment to wind back the hands of time and delve into the world of fictional characters and their real-world watches. Here's a countdown of our top five favorite characters and the iconic timepieces they sported.

James Bond: Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition


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Few fictional characters have become as synonymous with style and sophistication as Ian Fleming's iconic James Bond. Ever the trendsetter, Bond has a long-standing affair with luxury timepieces, specifically Omega watches. His most recent choice in "No Time To Die" is the rugged yet elegant Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition.

This wristwatch doesn't merely adorn Bond's wrist; it reflects his resilience and readiness for danger. Its brown tropical aluminum bezel ring and dial, resilient titanium mesh bracelet, and, of course, a fierce Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8806 nestled within screams action, durability, and precision. Like Bond himself, this Omega Seamaster effortlessly walks the line between rugged functionality and timeless elegance. It's the perfect accessory for a spy who knows no limits and always has time on his side.

Ellen Ripley: Seiko 7A28-7000


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In the realm of sci-fi, Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley in "Aliens" stands as a beacon of courage and tenacity. Her timepiece of choice? The distinctively futuristic Seiko 7A28-7000. Designed by the renowned Giorgetto Giugiaro, this watch embodies Ripley's formidable spirit and the forward-thinking essence of the film.

Its asymmetric design and the functional placement of buttons on the side panel made it a highly suitable choice for a space traveler battling extraterrestrial threats. Coupled with its stainless steel construction and reliable quartz movement, this Seiko timepiece is as resilient as Ripley herself. While we admire Ripley for her unwavering bravery, her wrist watch symbolizes the blend of utilitarian toughness and futuristic elegance that the "Aliens" movie universe encapsulates. Worn by one of the most badass heroines of the sci-fi genre, this Seiko watch indeed does more than just count down the minutes.

Marty McFly: Casio CA53W


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When you think of time travel and watches, Marty McFly of the "Back to the Future" series immediately springs to mind. The Casio CA53W Twincept Databank adorning Marty's wrist is not just a watch; it's an emblem of the high-tech optimism and novelty of the 1980s.

This Casio watch, with its calculator feature and digital display, symbolizes the era's fascination with gadgetry and advanced technology. It perfectly captures the spirit of a teenager navigating the tricky waters of time travel while still being concerned about getting to class on time. While not the fanciest of timepieces, its functionality, convenience, and novelty value match Marty's innovative and quick-thinking character. The watch, like Marty, is a delightful blend of the everyday and the extraordinary.

Don Draper: Rolex Explorer I


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In the glossy, high-stakes world of "Mad Men," Don Draper's choice of timepiece is the understated yet undeniably classy Rolex Explorer I. It's a subtle testament to Don's journey from a humble background to the peak of advertising success in the 1960s.

The Rolex Explorer I, with its clean lines, durable stainless-steel construction, and simple black dial, is an epitome of classic style and reliability. It exudes a confident charm without being overly showy, much like Draper himself. Despite the tumultuous world of Madison Avenue, Draper's Rolex remains a constant, ticking away steadfastly, adding a sense of reliability to his otherwise turbulent existence. This classic watch, with its understated elegance and timeless appeal, mirrors Don's allure, adding an essential detail to one of TV's most complex characters. It's more than an accessory; it's a nod to an era of ambition and transformative style.

Tony Stark: Bulgari Diagono


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Switching gears from classic timepieces and calculators-on-wrist, we enter the realm of Marvel's genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist - Tony Stark. The watch gracing his wrist in "Iron Man 2" is a fitting reflection of his character - the sophisticated and bold Bulgari Diagono.

The Bulgari Diagono, with its sharp aesthetics and cutting-edge design, is the epitome of luxury and tech-savviness. It's a high-end watch that's as much a status symbol as it is a functional tool. Its large dial, coupled with a robust rubber strap, imbues a sense of style and resilience that complements Stark's swagger and technological prowess. Just as Tony Stark's Iron Man suit is a masterpiece of innovation and engineering, his watch is a testament to his luxurious lifestyle and refined tastes. It's a small detail that significantly enhances the authenticity of his character.

Matching the Watch to the Character

From undercover spies to spaceship captains, time-hopping teens, visionary advertisers, and tech-geniuses moonlighting as superheroes, our favorite characters each have a watch that's more than a mere accessory. Their chosen timepiece is a silent testament to who they are, mirroring their individual quirks, ambitions, styles, and personalities.


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Much like these iconic characters, we too can craft an external symbol of our inner selves. This is where the art of watch modding shines. Watch modding allows us to tailor our timepieces to become extensions of our character, mirroring our taste and individuality.

So, the next time you see a character's watch in a film or TV series, remember that it tells more than just the time. It tells a story—a story of personal identity and uniqueness. And with watch modding, you too can tell your story. After all, watches are not just about timekeeping—they're about self-expression.

Happy modding!

Juni 18, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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