Buying a new watch strap can be difficult!

When you choose a new strap, you need to decide between so many different things, such as price, material, or what you will do with the watch (Is it for the office? Or something to wear during the morning jog?). All of these things are important, and if you pick the wrong one, your strap may only last a few days until you feel the strong need to replace it. 

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If you need to choose the perfect Mod strap for your Seiko mod watches, then you have come to the right place.


Importance of Choosing A Watch Strap

The strap is a vital part of a watch’s look, feel, and comfort. Custom straps for Seiko play an important role in how you feel about the watch on your wrist and how well it matches your overall outfit.

Watch straps are not just functional, but fashionable too, as they come in a wide range of designs and styles that allow you to show off your personality. As the strap is just as visible as the face of the watch, if not more. A smart selection of watch straps will give you a lot of different aesthetics with the same watch. 

For those reasons, changing different straps will allow you to give your watch a completely new look and accessorize it with dozens of outfits.


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However, choosing the right one may be hard at times. There are a lot of different watch straps you can choose from. As different straps are suitable for different purposes and preferences, you’ll need to find a watch strap that goes well with the purpose.

Most of the time watch spare parts need to be chosen specifically, but with watch straps, your choices are seemingly endless.  


Materials to Consider

There are many different materials you can choose from with a watch strap, all of which have different strengths and weaknesses. Also, all of the materials differ in price, durability, and comfort.



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Stainless steel watch straps are a classic choice. These straps are extremely durable so you would not have to worry about them breaking or snapping. Also, they can be cheaper than other types of straps, especially when you consider how long they last. 



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Rubber straps have become increasingly popular in recent years in the mod watch community as they look amazing on dive watches. These straps are extremely durable and will last for a long time because of their water-resistant properties.

Compared to leather and steel bracelets, rubber is quite the economic choice and rubber watch straps can come in different designs and colors.



Meanwhile, leather straps are the most classic and elegant option in many cases. They are great because they go with everything and come in an endless selection of colors and styles. Leather straps can pair with essentially any watch and work for just about any occasion.

However, a downside to a leather watch strap is that most cannot get wet.



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NATO straps came from the British Ministry of Defence Standard in 1973. They are extremely robust and durable and work in just about any situation. 

Also, they are attached to the watch in a way that ensures the watch is kept on the wrist even if one spring bar accidentally breaks.


Consider The Type of Watch

Without any doubt, different watches have different designs and styles. Watch straps are the same way.

You can choose any watch strap you want for your mod watch, but different straps pair well with different types of watches. Here are some suggestions that may be worthwhile to you.


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Sports watches, especially diver watches, pair best with rubber straps, NATO straps, or metal bracelets.

Similarly, the best option for field watches is NATO straps, which may also work with rubber straps.

Meanwhile, dress watches pair best with leather straps.

On the other hand, casual watches can work well with all types of straps depending on your outfit and purpose. If you want to achieve a more casual look, you can get a NATO strap. 

Otherwise, a leather strap can give it enhanced elegance and classiness on formal occasions.


How to Determine Watch Strap Size?

Don’t worry, it’s quite easy for anyone to determine their size as it’s not very complicated and you won’t need any super special tools.

You should have the two measurements you will need to order your strap, and they are your watch's lug width and your wrist size.


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To determine your lug width, you can check the lug width of your watch which is usually indicated in the product specifications. Also, you can measure the distance between the inside of your lugs to know what size watch strap you need. For Seiko divers, the most common sizes are 20mm and 22mm.

To determine your wrist size, you should use sewing tape or a piece of cloth that has roughly the same thickness as a watch strap. In addition, you can use one of your previously owned leather or fabric watch straps that already fit around your wrist quite well.


Customize Your Mods With Namoki Straps

At namokiMODS, you will find at least one rubber watch strap for your mods that you love. We offer waffle straps, tropics straps, or FKM straps in various colors that will match a wide range of mods, and fits the curve of SKX007 and SKX013-sized cases.

In addition to rubber straps for your diver mod, and your field build, there are some metal bracelets or NATO straps available that can make your Seiko mod watches more attractive and unique.

We love Seiko spare parts, and if you like SKX007 mods, like swapping out a Seiko bezel insert, we can help you with some of the best aftermarket and OEM Seiko spare parts money can buy. Check out our extensive selection of top-quality straps, and a lot more.

Happy modding!

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