As we celebrate Mother's Day today, we at namokiMODS want to honor the occasion in our own unique, horological way. We're thrilled to spotlight a story of love, passion, and the timeless bond between a mother and her child. Meet Kellan (@mod_by_kellan), a watch modder who turned his craft into a heartfelt gesture of appreciation for his mother. 


Namoki: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been modding, etc.

Kellan: I decided to try modding about two years ago. We had relocated across the country and I was looking for something new to try. It just so happened I had an Invicta with an NH35 I wasn't fond of so I used the movement on a new build and got hooked. I've tweaked that first build a few times but still have it.

Namoki: What inspired you to create a custom watch for your mom? Is she also a watch enthusiast?

Kellan: I was looking for a new project and you had released those dials* around the same time. Once I had the dial picked out I stared looking for a smaller case. While she isn't an enthusiast she does wear a watch daily.

Editor's Note: Kellan is referring to our Perpetual dials that were made to match our 36mm cases.

Namoki: How many pieces have you built for her and do you have one that you’re most proud of? Walk us through the process of designing and assembling that watch, and if there were any challenges you encountered while making it.

Kellan: So far I've only built her one but I know I'll end up building at least one more for her.

It was pretty straightforward once I found the watch to base it off of. While there are a lot of 36mm cases on the market, it must have a 20mm lug width and I wanted something with narrower lugs. I had used a Seiko SNKL23 for my wife's first watch and while that's a great choice, I wanted to try something new for my mom.

My search for a smaller case led me full circle and I ended up getting another Invicta, this time a 34mm. Assembly was pretty straightforward, though I learned from another modder after the fact that the case fits SKX007 casebacks and I could have used one of those to slim it up quite a bit. Next time she comes to visit, her watch will get an upgrade.



The key to this watch was the dial, once I had decided on that, the hands were chosen to complement and I picked out a few leather straps as well.

Namoki: Did you have any specific memories or experiences with your mom that guided your decisions?

Kellan: Mostly knowing her personality and style guided the choices. We both used to work together at a soup restaurant and an ice cream store my parents and I owned.

Namoki: How did your mom react when she received the watch? Did she mention a particular feature or aspect that she loved?

Kellan: Since we're on the other side of the country I didn't get to see her reaction but I did get an excited call when it arrived. Mostly she was touched I took the time to build her a watch.


Namoki: For others looking to create a custom watch for their mothers or loved ones, do you have any advice or recommendations on how to get started?

Kellan: Go with your instincts, I had bounced a few ideas off my sisters on what they thought she'd like and in the end I went with my first choice.

Namoki: Lastly, what message would you like to share with your mother and all the mothers out there on this special day?

Kellan: To both my wife and my mom, happy mother's day! I appreciate all the things you do for our family. To all other mothers out there, I hope you have a great day.

Namoki: If you would like to plug your socials, please add them here.

@mod_by_kellan on Instagram and Fiatjeepdriver on Watchcrunch

Mai 14, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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