So, Christmas is just around the corner. Do you ever wonder why red and green are traditional Christmas colors in the first place? It simply doesn’t feel like Christmas without having your space decked out in red and green decor.

The reason why we love red, green and gold around Christmas goes back a long time.  Some think it started with ancient Celtic people and their winter solstice celebrations centuries ago.



The Celts believed that Holly plants (green leaves, red berries) brought beauty and good fortune in the middle of winter. Given that, they would deck out their homes with red and green plants as a way to promote a prosperous new year.

Over time, this habit of putting up red and green Holly transformed into hanging red and green decorations all over the place. Not only do red and green top the charts during the jolliest time of year, but other Christmas colors also include gold, blue, and white.

If you are looking for something special for yourself or your loved ones to celebrate one of the year’s most-anticipated holidays, modifying a unique Christmas watch would be something to remember for years to come. 

Here are some suggested mod parts to create a perfect Christmas look for your holiday SKX007 mod!


How to Create a Christmas SKX007


Source: DavidLuong6012 on Reddit


The famous Seiko SKX007 is a perfect base for a Christmas watch mod, and we have lots of parts that will be perfect for your mod. In addition to the parts listed below, we also have thousands of great parts for other Seiko watches.

The dial and hands are the stars of a watch not only because they tell the time, but they are also the largest part of a watch’s front side. People tend to notice them first so it's best if we focus the coloring here. At namokiMODS, we have an amazing limited edition green dial that works perfectly for a Christmas SKX007 mod's centerpiece. 



You can then use our red submariner bezel insert to create a lot of pop, and we also have some other green parts, like a forest green chapter ring to add layers of green to your mod. 

If you want to add some flash to your SKX007 Christmas mod, a beautifully polished gold bezel is the perfect choice. For an overall two-tone look, you can use a gold crown. If you want to keep your mod in steel tone, think about our red ‘S’ crown



For something more subtle, the golden rotor is an ideal fit - and don’t forget the sapphire display case back. We have a range of casebacks to choose from, so choose the right one for the mod you want to create. 

The color red gets a lot of looks, so consider using our red hand set. It's a subtler way to mix red into the mod, and it will be easy to read the time too! 

Finally, popping a couple of new spring bars in the case and throwing on the olive green strap is the last step to complete a fresh look for your Christmas Seiko mod. 

If you want another color for your strap - we have you covered. Check out all the curved end rubber straps for the SKX007. Whatever you want to use, we can help!


Making Yourself A Unique Christmas Gift

Seiko mods are a lot of fun, and we have all the right parts to make your mod ideas come to life. At namokiMODS we love top-quality watch mod parts, so check out our whole catalog of Seiko spare parts

Happy modding and happy holidays! 

Dezember 20, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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