Swiss watchmaker Tissot has built a reputation for offering luxury watches at relatively affordable prices. Their latest entry into the accessible luxury sports watch category is the PRX - a stylish and well-built piece inspired by the brand's 1970s designs. With its quality construction and iconic styling, the Tissot PRX makes a compelling argument that it offers excellent value for money as an affordable yet legitimate Swiss luxury sports watch.

History and Design

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The PRX takes its design cues from the classic 1970s Tissot PR516 model,  featuring an integrated stainless steel bracelet and angular tonneau-shaped case reminiscent of sports watch designs from that era (you'd instantly see the resemblance). The look is at once retro and contemporary, and needless to say it was a hit with watch collectors. The modern incarnation of this retro watch is available today in a 35mm or 40mm case size with a variety of sleek dial colors like blue, green, and black sunburst.

Tissot constructed the PRX from solid 316L stainless steel and fitted it with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The watch also boasts a respectable 100m water resistance rating. These design elements and quality materials give the PRX a clear leg up over typical entry-level fashion watch offerings. From the office to weekend adventures, the PRX's timeless yet sporty styling allows it to be dressed up or down with ease.

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Movement and Performance

Driving the PRX is a self-winding automatic movement sourced from the Swatch Group's stockpile of reliable ETA/Powermatic calibers. While not an in-house movement, having an authentic Swiss automatic movement is a major asset for the PRX in this affordable segment. The powermatic movements offer a robust 80-hour power reserve along with solid timekeeping accuracy.



Tissot is able to use these quality off-the-shelf movements to offer true Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship at a reasonable price point. The PRX's smooth winding action and sweeping second hand highlight the refinement of the Swiss automatic movement inside. Overall the PRX punches well above its weight in terms of movement performance and prestige, making it quite an attractive piece of horology.

Value Proposition

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When it comes to pricing, the Tissot PRX represents stellar value in the affordable luxury Swiss watch category. The PRX line starts around $650 USD for models on a stainless steel bracelet. This significantly undercuts the pricing of other Swiss sports watch alternatives from bigger names like Omega, TAG Heuer, and Longines which can easily cost twice as much or more for an entry-level piece.

Despite its reasonable pricing, the PRX doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality and heritage. Tissot has been producing Swiss watches since 1853 and has a well-earned reputation for crafting durable, accurate timepieces. The PRX upholds this tradition with its robust all-metal construction and accurate Swiss movement.

For watch enthusiasts on a budget seeking an accessible Swiss luxury piece to start their collection, the PRX could be the perfect gateway watch. Its affordable pricing combined with genuine Swiss pedigree makes it an attractive proposition for younger buyers looking to get a taste of world-renowned Swiss watchmaking without breaking the bank.

Build One Yourself


We’re all about watch customization here at namokiMODS, and we know that modders have their own ideas for a PRX-like mod. You may not want to take apart a Tissot, even if the PRX is relatively cheap compared to its Swiss peers, so we came up with the next best thing: a sports case with an integrated bracelet that evokes the image of the PRX Powermatic 80.

It is a 36mm case that’s compatible with any NH movement, so you can create your Seiko-Tissot hybrid that can be a faithful homage to the original or a playful take on this retro-classic watch. Our customers like to pair this with a waffle dial for a highly similar look to its inspiration, but you can also mod this with any dressy dial you like for a subtle and casual-looking watch.

Wrap Up


The Tissot PRX makes a compelling case as one of the best values on the market today for an affordable yet well-executed Swiss luxury sports watch. Its blend of on-trend retro styling nods, quality stainless steel construction, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and self-winding Swiss automatic movement is impressive given the PRX's reasonable pricing. While not an in-house movement, the PRX's Swatch Group-sourced caliber delivers reliable and accurate automatic winding performance on par with more expensive Swiss pieces.

For the budget-minded watch enthusiast, the Tissot PRX is your chance to own an authentic and capable Swiss timepiece without the inflated cost of bigger luxury names. Our verdict: it is undoubtedly good value for the money. 

Another good value watch for the money is something that you have built with your own hands. You can choose each part that goes into the watch, reflecting your unique tastes and creating a 1 of 1 watch that only you have. If you’re looking for Seiko mod parts, be sure to check out our catalog of over 1000 high quality choices - we have everything you’ll need from the crystal, to the case, to the gaskets.

Happy modding!

März 05, 2024 — Jeremiah A

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