We have hundreds of mod parts available on our store, with an infinite number of possible combinations for homages and unique watch mods. If you’re a newcomer to the watch modding scene and not yet sure which parts you should get for a good-looking timepiece, browsing through pages upon pages of mod parts can get pretty intimidating.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 good suggestions for part combos so you can finally start building your custom watch without the confusion on which parts fit which. These build examples will stick with the basic combos first so you don’t get overwhelmed, but rest assured that the resulting watch will be a beautiful one that you’d be proud to wear.

Without further ado, let’s start with dress watch builds.


Dress Watch Combination


We already have an article that you can read here to know how to style and build a dress watch. It goes in-depth, so if this is the style of watch you’re after, we recommend giving it a read once you finish with this one.

In general, dress watches are smaller and slimmer than what you would regularly wear, so you can easily slip it under your cuffs when attending an event. They tend to have classic colors and minimalist style, so you want to stick with silver or gold matching parts, and keep the markers to a minimum.

Our most popular offering for a dress watch case is our NMK936 – a 36mm petite beauty available in black, steel, or a classy two-tone gold. The sloping polished insert does not take away from the watch face, and the crown is aptly sized to the proportions of the case. It also already comes with an Oyster bracelet that feels premium on the wrist.

For the dial, you’d want the Explorer Enamel Black if you want to keep the watch subtle, or you can choose any one from Perpetual Enamel line of dials, available in Tiffany Blue, Salmon Pink, Forest Green, Red, and Yellow for something more eye-popping.

Finish it off with a Dauphine handset and you have a winning combination.

Interested in this combo? Check out our Dress Bundle to get 15% off everything.


Field Watch Combination


Field watches are the visual opposite of dress watches, though they share some characteristics. You’d still want something slim so it doesn’t get in the way of your adventure, and you want it to have a minimal, utilitarian look as well. Better if you can style it to be a rugged watch, something you’d expect to have some scratches and dings with regular use, and something that looks better with said scratches and dings.

A favored case for this watch build is the NMK932 case bundle – certainly an unassuming look with its no-bezel body and cutting down on the unnecessary. It’s available in PVD black, but you can also get it in Khaki/Olive Green for a more adventurous look.

For the dial and hands, you’d want to install those with very legible markers, something easy to read at a glance or in low-light conditions. The Pilot and Khaki Field dials are great contenders for the face, and these have matching dials too so you’d have a cohesive looking watch by the end of your build.

Interested in this combo? Check out our Field Bundle to get 15% off everything.


Square Watch Combination


We’re so accustomed to seeing round watches that square watches can sometimes have more impact on the wrist. They’re appealing to the sports and dive watch crowd as well, while also looking interesting to field watch and milspec enthusiasts.

In our store, we offer two versions for square watch cases: version one is a more traditional “Cockpit-Style” watch nicknamed so because it looks like an instrument on a plane cockpit. It has a square body and a rounded face, so your favorite Seiko modding dials will still be compatible. Version 2 is a lot sportier and elegant, with an integrated bezel and bracelet which is great if you’re looking for something with a luxurious vibe.

You’re free to choose which dial and hands you’d want to use with this style of case, but we’d recommend something “field-y” for the version 1 case and something more dressy for the case version 2. Not sure which one to go with? Just slap on a “B&R” style dial and some lumed hands and you’re good to go!

Interested in this combo? Check out our Square Bundle to get 15% off everything.


Seikonaut Watch Combination


Seikonauts are a rare look, but you’d still see a lot of mods in this style on Instagram. We’ve already previously talked about the Nautilus at length in this article if you’re interested to know more about the lore of this watch, but for now you just need to know that it is the brainchild of the infamous Gerald Genta, a revered figure in the watch world.

Styling a Seikonaut has less flexibility than the other combinations in this list, but it’s a classic and high-end look that you’ll surely appreciate once it’s built. The first step is to choose the color of the case, with silver and rose gold being the two most popular choices, followed by black and gold.

If you’re going for the black or steel versions, you can choose a more colorful dial to go with it for some contrast. We have Nautilus-style dials available, patterned with horizontal stripes and featuring applied bar markers for a stylish look. For the gold and rose gold variants, you’d want to be more conservative with the dial color choice to not make the watch look too busy.

No need to think long and hard for which handset to choose, because the Nautilus handsets are probably already the perfect match for your build. The hands are thin and lumed, giving off just the right amount of brightness at night while maintaining the elegant look.

Interested in this combo? Check out our Seikonaut Bundle to get 15% off everything.


Wrap Up

Choosing the perfect parts for your first custom watch mod doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. As you can see from these beginner-friendly combinations, you can build an amazing timepiece with just a few complementary components. We hope these suggestions give you the confidence to finally start creating your own watch as a newcomer to this rewarding hobby.

All the parts recommended above are available in handy bundles so you can purchase everything needed for your chosen mod at once and save 15% too. Another benefit for modding newcomers is that the cases in these bundles come with crystals pre-installed. This means you can skip buying a crystal press for your first build!

Watch modding lets you express personal style, learn watchmaking skills, and own a timepiece that’s uniquely yours. With these easy part suggestions and bundle deals, you now have everything you need to begin your first custom build. We can’t wait to see your own stunning creations come to life!

Happy modding!

November 08, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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