NMK908 MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish


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Introducing the NMK908 MM300 SKX Conversion Case. Inspired by the immensely popular MarineMaster, the NMK908 MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case in Polished Finish is finished brilliantly with a combination of brushed and polished sides and lugs giving it a distinctive, handsome look. It is definitely one of our favourite case shapes!

It has been designed to fit all OEM and aftermarket SKX007 parts except the bracelet (it will fit MM300 bracelets) and its standard SKX caseback design makes it real easy to assemble.....and mod, over and over!

Pair it with one of our MM300 bezel and it'll make for a great base MM300 homage project.

NMK908 MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish

Case Specifications:
Diameter: 41mm
Lug to Lug49mm
Thickness: 11.1mm
Lug Width20mm

- 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Fits all original and aftermarket SKX007 mod parts (except bracelet)
- Drilled lugs
- Water Resistance as OEM

Each case comes in a set inclusive of:
- 2 x 20mm Fat Spring Bars
- 1 x Bezel Click Spring
- 1 x Crystal Gasket
- 1 x Caseback Gasket

*Drilled lugs are holes at the lugs drilled through the watch case itself that allows the release of the springbars by poking a sharp tool through them, allowing for easy changeout of straps.

Also compatible with new SRPD Collection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great New MM300 Case

The case is great and nicely done. Love it.

NMK908 MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case : Polished Finish



A well made case. Everything fits like a glove. IMO, it feels more like the SPB185/187 rather than an MM300.

Tested the Craftrer Blue rubber strap on it and it fits.

SKX meets MM in the best way possible!

I had high hopes for this case and when it arrived those hopes were immensely exceeded! Finish is superb and tolerances are remarkable, as is expected from a Namoki product. What compelled me to pull the trigger on this was that it felt like a hybrid of the SKX and MM with all of the benefits of both. The case back has a slight rise around the mating surface of the case back, which helps to bolster the case sides to create the characteristic MM lines. The cutout is very tight around the case back cover, so it is highly suggested to be very careful when operating any opening/closing tools. All other areas of the build are the familiar SKX process.

For an even more "wrist hugging" build, I used the new low profile brushed case back and it really does sit exceptionally low and matches well with the case. The polished angles and rotary brushed finishes play off of the case's polished back with brushed recess.

I haven't tried any bracelets on it since I don't have any to test with, but I fitted an OEM Seiko SNE441 silicone strap and it's perfectly snug.

I might even argue that this is the case that the SBDC061/SPB077/"MM200" should have been built into! It's that good!