NMK945 NRX Sports Watch Case Bundle: Gold Finish



 Integrated bracelet steel sports watches might be the biggest watch trend this year and we’re all for it. Combining vintage charm and modern elegance, the sleek NMK945 NRX Sports Watch Case Bundle in Gold Finish is the ultimate plug-and-play watch case bundle and comes with (almost) everything you’ll need for a build. Simply choose your favourite dial, hands, and movement to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

At a comfortable and very wearable 36mm case size and with an integrated bracelet that features a butterfly clasp, it is perfect for a daily driver that will look effortlessly cool in any occasion!

Case Specifications:
Case Diameter: 36mm
Lug to Lug: 42mm
Case Thickness: 9.5mm
Total Thickness: 11mm (With crystal and slim caseback)
Case WR: 100m

What's Included?
- Flat Sapphire Crystal (Clear AR)
- Integrated Brushed Chapter Ring (Rehaut)
- Integrated Bracelet in Brushed Finish and Milled Buttefly Clasp - Tapers from 24mm to 18mm
- Matching Sterile Crown
- Slim Caseback

Parts Compatibility:
Fits all SKX casebacks and is compatible with all our existing dials and hands.

Compatible with NH35/36/70/71 etc and NH34 movements for GMT builds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Thomas C. (Mannheim, DE)
Beautiful case but unwearable

I really like this vintage style case and would wish there would be more on the market, but this NRX bracelet specifically is almost unwearable. The edges are very sharp that you not only feel pain when it scratches your own wrist, but you also potentially scratch others and your leather jackets etc. I really wish the bracelet would be better finished to not only look good, but feel good as well. (Just like the PRX bracelet feels incredibly good while having no sharp edges)

King J. (Victoria, CA)
Nrx bundle

All around really good
Only issue is the bracelet..very sharp edges and not overly comfy..also one screw pin at the top lug is stripped and keeps popping out? I will have to thread lock it I guess as it seem specific to that lug, the others are too small?
All in all, looks good on the wrist and the parts are quality

Aapo T. (Helsinki, FI)
Great case. Improvement needed?

The case and the bracelet are incredibly nice looking and imo look even better than PRX in terms of surface finishing. Adjustability of the bracelet is also very well designed and there is plenty of links which is great in integrated bracelet.
Some things that were to improve tho:
1. The quick release springbar is a bit too short and fragile, which caused it to bend from a light blow. Sort of an user error i must admit, but your bracelet is not supposed to fall of from that. I would recommend replacing the original spring bars with regular ones if possible.
2. The bracelet adjustment screws do fall of quite easily if there is no loktite.

Some thing to be aware of:
3. It is good to be aware that the crown position is a bit weird, so when cutting stem measure with care.
4. It is also good to know that the inner measurements of the case are very tight, so you might not want to use a fragile dial in this particular case (or just... be careful with it.)

All in all: Great looking combo!

John (Salt Lake City, US)
Great idea, OK execution

Fell in love with this case as soon as I saw it. Loved the idea, and overall I'm pleased with my build. It looks nice, performs well, and I was able to get everything to fit together. It's also super slim when it comes to the NH-series stuff, and I hate chunky watches--this case is just right, even with the thicker sapphire caseback. However, there are a few important things to consider:
- You NEED a 28.5mm dial. Seriously. I tried a 29mm dial and it didn't fit. The clearances on this case are not nearly as forgiving as other cases; it's a super tight fit. I had to put my 29mm dial on a Dremel and file the edges down ever so slightly to get it to squeeze in.
- There is no ability to make micro-adjustments; the butterfly clasp is one-size, and the bracelet links are all the same width--you can't swap them out to get in-between sizes. This is actually pretty annoying, at least in my specific case, because I'm right between sizes. If I add a link it's too loose, and if I remove that link it's uncomfortable.
- The bezel isn't removable. Not a big deal for me because I wasn't planning on doing anything there, but something to consider.
I'm happy to put all these issues aside because I love the way the case looks and the quality is great. I wish Namoki didn't engrave their logo on everything they sell, but that's just me and that's just business. I'll be wearing this watch all the time!

Aden (Hamilton, CA)
Extremely underwhelming bracelet quality.

I have felt better bracelets on watches a fraction of the price of this total set. There was issue with some of the treading on the screws and overall finish feels well unfinished. Sides are sharp and dig in to skin etc. I would stay away. I am hoping an 11mm rubber strap on amazon will save this mod or it's going in the garbage.