NMK939 Fifty-Eight SKX007/SPRD Watch Case Bundle: PVD Black Finish

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Once considered a "Poor Man's Rolex", Tudor has really come into its own in recent times. This NMK939 Fifty-Eight SKX007/SPRD Watch Case Bundle in PVD Black Finish pays homage to the eternal crowd favourites BB58, a vintage styled diver complete with details such as an ultra slim low profile bezel, top hat sapphire crystal and option for an Oyster Rivet bracelet. The best part is, everything is pre-assembled, making this the perfect plug-and-play dive case. Check out our Fifty-Eight collection for more part ideas!

Design Update: We've heard your feedback and our NMK939 bracelet now comes with a female solid end link!

NMK939 Fifty-Eight SKX007/SPRD Watch Case Bundle: PVD Black Finish

Case Specifications:
Case Diameter: 39mm
Lug to Lug: 47.5mm
Thickness: 9.5mm (Case only)
Total thickness: 13.5mm (Case with crystal and slim caseback)
Lug Width: 20mm

What's Included?
- Top Hat Sapphire Crystal (Clear AR)
- Ultra-Slim Line Coin Edge Bezel for Sloped Bezel Inserts
- Integrated Brushed Chapter Ring (Rehaut)
- Brushed Oyster Rivet Bracelet (Option) - Tapers from 20mm to 16mm
- Matching Sterile Crown

- Caseback Gasket
- Pair of 20mm Springbars

Parts Compatibility:
Fits all SKX007 Sloped Bezel Inserts, SKX007 Crowns, and SKX casebacks and is compatible with all our existing dials and hands. 

Compatible with NH35/36/70/71 etc and NH34 movements for GMT builds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
JP R. (Edmonton, CA)
Excellent quality!

Options and quality like this are why Namoki is the best in the business!

Dirk V. (Bilthoven, NL)
Super watch case

Watch Case with very nice steel finish. The movement fitted perfectly

Yannis O. (Giubiasco, CH)
What a nice case

I am happy to have purchased this case. The quality is here. The bracelet is also of good quality even if it pulls my hairs a little.

Stephen G. (Atlanta, US)
Nice BB58 Homage Case

This is a great case. Like others have mentioned my only gripe is with the bezel action. The bezel action is beyond tight to the point of almost being non functional. It may loosen with use over time but you should be aware of this if you're looking to use this as a functional diver. Not a major issue for me as this one is only for looks for me but wanted to throw that out there.

Olivier R. (Nantes, FR)
Beau Bracelet mais c’est l’enfer pour le mettre à la taille !!

Avec la montre NMK11, j’ai acheté le bracelet type BB58 de bonne facture et dont les extrémités solides sont parfaitement alignées sur les cornes ; il ne comporte pas de pompes rapides ;
Par contre c’est l’enfer pour le mettre à la taille !! sur le mien, la majorité des vis de maillons étaient totalement bloquées ; certaines foirées. J’ai finalement réussi à enlever 4 maillons pour mon poignet de 17,5cm après une découpe à la Drémel ( !!!) d’un maillon bloqué pour obtenir quelque chose de satisfaisant.
C'est nettement plus simple avec les broches type Seiko ou la visserie utilisée par Long Island
Alors au total, je déconseille le bracelet , c’est l’enfer !