The Rolex Sub has long been a favorite inspiration for Seiko mods, and if you are looking for a Submariner Bezel for your watch build, you are in the right place. To realize the overarching influence of the Submariner in the watch niche, try striking up a conversation with any person involved with the topic.

Sooner or later, the good ol' Sub will come up in the conversation. And it's not at all surprising! The iconic look of this Rolex watch has turned many into watch collectors, as is what happens to items of beauty.

The Rolex Submariner has been setting trends since the 50's and has been quite hard to catch since its inception. With a dizzyingly high price tag, and a very exclusive waitlist, demand stays high and rising while supply stays low.

Because of this, many who would want to wear a Submariner on their wrist have had to find another way to do so, and the way is through Seiko Modding. That is - modifying your Seiko watch, usually an SKX007, to look like a brand new watch.


Source: @cswatches_official on IG

A Seiko Submariner homage mod is not something that's hard or time-consuming to do. You actually only need to do a few part swaps to get the look right.

By now, you probably already know that the most high-impact change you can do is with the dial. It's called the 'face' of a watch for a reason, and that is because the dial has the most visibility when looking at the watch and also covers the most area. We have a Sub style dial available in black, navy or enamel grey colors so you can make your homage mod, and make it unique too!

Another part swap that is essential for a Seiko Submariner is the bezel insert. A Sub Style bezel insert has a very distinct look from a Seiko Style one. A lumed triangle sits at 12 o'clock with numerals to mark every 10 minutes and bars mark the 5 minutes in between. The first 15 minutes are individually marked on the insert as well. 


Source: @oliveralanwatchmods on IG

In our store, we have Sub style bezel inserts in many different variations. You can choose from ceramic or aluminum material with different color varieties too. There's a black insert with white markers for the classic, down to earth homage. If you're feeling a little flashy, you can also get a red/white or green/gold one. We even have a glass bezel insert to really add to the premium look of your mod.

And if you don't really feel like making your own mod from scratch, we also have a complete modded watch fashioned after the Submariner - this is our NMK05 Automatic Dive Watch. It features a vintage dial (the applied lume appears yellowish in the light) and on oyster bracelet. Though the watch is already complete, it is still completely moddable so you can swap out some parts if you want to personalize it without building from scratch.

We hope this gives you a bit more info! You can check out this blog post if you want to know more about Seiko Submariner mods.

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Happy modding!

August 25, 2021 — Jeremiah A