It's not a surprise why many people want to know where to buy an SKX007 - it's the most popular Seiko in the realm of watch modding for multiple reasons. The most prominent being its easily replaceable parts, friendly price tag, availability (back when it was still being produced anyway) and dimensions that are just perfect for most wrists. It is also far from being the perfect watch, giving people all the right reasons to make some upgrades and modifications.

It may have been replaced by the Seiko 5 Sports line, but the SKX007 remains near and dear to Seiko modder's hearts. You can transform it into a lot of different divers watches and create homage mods, or transform it with your original vision to come up with cool new watch models.


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As you already know, the SKX007 is no longer being produced. So how do you find one ? Your option is limited to the secondary market, where there is always the possibility of getting a banged up unit, or a straight up fake. If you want to avoid these issues, why not just build from scratch?

Building a full watch with all custom parts can be a really challenging task, but you'll find that it's well worth it.

Let's look at what you can achieve by using an aftermarket SKX007 case for your next mod.

If you go OEM, your only option for a case is a silver one with a mix of polished and brushed finishes. It is beautiful in its own right, but your imagination can run wilder with more options for a case. For example, we have black and gold SKX007 cases that will work great if you are working on a two-tone mod. If you've seen one of those on Instagram, you can see how important it is to have choices in the color of your case.


We also have cases with no crown guards - a good choice if you are going for a minimalist look. Crown guards are helpful for diving as they protect the crown from accidental bumps and whatnot, but it is not as needed if you're not actually going diving. Pair the no crown guard case with a pilot bezel and some sterile dials and you got a field watch that also looks somewhat dressy.

Love the sharp angles on a Samurai case? Modding one is not very practical due to its higher price, plus there's not a lot of modding parts available for them. Our solution: a Samurai-SKX conversion case that looks exactly like a Seiko Samurai but is compatible with all SKX007 parts. Mod it to recreate the OG look or use a new combination of parts for a never before seen Samurai.


We have a couple of other SKX conversion watch cases so you can create an homage to your favorite diver. We have one for the Submariner (which has always been an icon among divers watches) - one for the Rolex fans. If you're a hardcore Seiko fan though, we got you covered with a 62MAS conversion case (the very first Seiko diver), a Tuna conversion case (who won't recognize that iconic shroud?), and our latest offering, the B&R square watch case (breaking off from the traditional circle case).

We have even more cases in the works so you'd do well to check back from time to time to see our new SKX007 case offerings.

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Happy modding!

October 08, 2021 — Jeremiah A