The Patek Philippe brand – an enigmatic world unto itself, shrouded in unparalleled prestige and a storied past, as winding and intriguing as the intricate mechanisms housed within each of its legendary timepieces. Its history, you see, stretches back to the bygone era of 1839, founded by Antoni Patek, a Polish watchmaker, and his partner, Franciszek Czapek. They set out on a journey, a quest to forge timekeeping instruments like no other, a legacy that continues to echo into our present day.

In the early days, Patek Philippe was primarily known for their pocket watches, the symbol of sophisticated timekeeping at the time. However, as the age of wristwatches dawned, they were nimble, evolving and swiftly adapting to this new paradigm of horology. Hence, it wasn't long until they emerged as a paramount leader in this fresh realm, particularly with their production of perpetual calendar wristwatches, a tour de force in watchmaking prowess.

Ah, the Nautilus. An iconic creation, one that stands apart in Patek Philippe's portfolio. An undeniable masterpiece of horology. A construct of stainless steel and ambition, born in the restless mind of Gerald Genta in 1976. Its inception marked a sharp departure from Patek Philippe's conventional offerings, pushing the boundaries of luxury sports watches. Named after Captain Nemo's submarine in Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," the Nautilus is known for its robust, water-resistant design and octagonal bezel, as distinct as it is captivating.


The History of the Patek Philippe Nautilus


And yet, across the spectrum, as different from Patek Philippe as night is from day, dwells another bastion of horological fascination - Seiko modding. This pursuit is the proclivity of those impassioned by the art of timekeeping, driven to recreate, reimagine, and, in essence, breathe new life into Seiko watches.

In the same vein as a car enthusiast modifying a vintage automobile, a Seiko modder delights in swapping parts, exploring variations, pushing the aesthetic and functional possibilities of their timepiece. It’s not merely about owning a watch; it's about reshaping it into a reflection of one's unique taste, one's personality.

The Nautilus, with its iconic design and legacy, serves as an alluring blueprint for many in the Seiko modding community. It’s a dream for most to possess a Patek Philippe Nautilus - but unfortunately it's also an extravagance that few can afford. Therefore, recreating its essence in the form of a Seiko mod, crafting a homage, is a meaningful undertaking for these aficionados.


namoki seikonaut nautilus


Introducing the "Seikonaut" - the Seiko modder's homage to the iconic Nautilus. The Seikonaut is probably one of the most popular watch builds that you can do. 

With Seiko modding, you can build your own homage to the Nautilus. There are lots of ways you can start, but one of the easiest would be to use our Nautilus-style DIY watchmaking kit which contains all the parts, tools, and instructions you'll need to build your very own Seikonaut from scratch. There're few things quite as satisfying as assembling your own timepiece. Plus, it's not as difficult as you might think. If you don't want to be restricted to the parts included in our watch kit, you can check out our entire Seikonaut watch parts catalog. The permutations and possibilities are endless when it comes to Seiko modding - it's no wonder people are getting hooked on the hobby.

Thus, Patek Philippe and the art of Seiko modding, two entities seemingly worlds apart, find themselves intertwined in the journey of horological admiration. They stand as proof of the unique human capability to seek beauty and sophistication, to perceive time not merely as a linear progression, but a symphony of moments, each encapsulated within the tick of a finely crafted mechanism.

June 16, 2023 — Glen H