When you think of Seiko and Patek Philippe, would you think that these 2 brands have anything in common? Most people would scoff - Seiko is known for their entry to mid-level timepieces, famed for their bang for buck. Patek Philippe on the other hand is an "aspirational" brand - the Holy Grail for many a horology enthusiast. Their watches cost more than cars in Singapore, and if you know anything about car prices in Singapore, you should know that that's saying something. The Nautilus, in particular, is one of Patek Philippe's most lusted after watch models. It's also one of the most prohibitively priced watches on the market. This is where Seiko modding comes in...


Seiko Nautilus Seikonaut Namoki

Source: @finemods


Seiko modding allows watch lovers to craft timepieces that pay homage to these luxury models at a fraction of the cost. Some people do Submariner homages, some do Omega homages... But one of the mods that has been creating ripples in the Seiko modding community is definitely the Seiko x Patek Philippe Nautilus Homage mod, affectionately known as the "Seikonaut" in the modding community.

The Case and Bracelet

The Seikonaut is a popular Seiko mod that combines the unmistakeable aesthetics of the Patek Philippe Nautilus with the reliable, durable, and budget-friendly Seiko platform. This mod seeks to mirror the distinctive features of the Nautilus, including its rounded octagonal bezel, horizontal embossed dial, and slick integrated bracelet.

To create this homage, modders typically begin with a Nautilus style case that is compatible with Seiko parts. We offer 2 variations - our NMK926 Nautilus style case has an integrated rehaut/chapter ring for those looking for a more understated look, while our NMK935 Nautilus style case allows modders to add their own flair by customising the chapter ring.

While you're free to use a leather strap with these cases, most people would opt to "complete" their Seikonaut build with one of our Nautilus-style bracelets that are compatible with the above cases.


Seiko Nautilus Seikonaut

Source: @finemods


The Hands and Dial

This is where you can get creative. Some modders just want the Nautilus looks on the outside, but a completely different look on the inside. Some want it to look close to a Nautilus, with subtle differences. If you're in the second category, one option is our Nautilus Dial in Navy Blue, and pair it with our Nautilus Hands.

However, if you belong in the first bucket of people and prefer to just freestyle and personalise your watch to your heart's content, you'd be glad to know that ANY of our Seiko SKX compatible dials and hands will fit in our Seikonaut cases. 


Wrapping Up

The Seikonaut mod is a testament to the creativity and technical skill within the Seiko modding community. It allows enthusiasts to enjoy the aesthetic of a truly luxurious watch, coupled with the reliable functionality of a Seiko, at a fraction of the cost.

While we shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking that it matches up to the exquisite craftsmanship and heritage that a true Patek Philippe Nautilus holds, this mod offers an affordable and accessible way for watch enthusiasts to appreciate the iconic design of the Nautilus in their own way. Whether you're an avid watch collector or just beginning your journey into the world of horology, the Seikonaut is a mod worth considering.



May 19, 2023 — Glen H