The art of watch modification or "modding" has seen a significant increase in popularity among enthusiasts and hobbyists. Seiko modding (and watch modification in general) can transform a standard watch into a unique timepiece that fits the wearer's personality and style. However, for those new to watch modding, the choice of parts and components can be overwhelming. This article aims to guide beginners through the essential factors to consider, focusing on quality, aftersales support, and compatibility.

Quality: Finish of the Products and Tolerances

The quality of modification parts is paramount when embarking on a watch modding project. A couple of critical aspects to consider here are the finish of the products and the tolerances.

a. Finish of the Products

The finish of a product determines how it looks and feels. A poorly finished part can drastically affect the appearance of the finished watch. Look for modification parts that are well-crafted, well-finished, and free of any manufacturing defects. If the parts look and feel premium, they will likely enhance the overall appeal of the watch. This makes for a watch that is more pleasant to wear day-to-day, and it will also improve the resale value of your custom watch if you ever intend to sell it in future.

b. Tolerances

Tolerance refers to the permissible variation in the dimensions of a part. In the world of watchmaking, even a slight deviation from the required measurements can lead to complications. When it comes to Seiko modding, parts that are out of tolerance can lead to several issues. Some issues can be catastrophic, leaving your watch unusable. For example, water resistance may be compromised if a crystal and a watch case do not have tight tolerances. This would ruin the internals of your watch, leaving you with a pricey paperweight.

Aftersales Support

When investing in modification parts, it's essential to consider the aftersales support provided by the seller or manufacturer. This support can include warranty coverage, technical assistance, and availability of spare parts.

Here's why aftersales support matters:

a. Warranty

A good warranty provides peace of mind and assurance of quality. Ensure that the parts you are purchasing come with a comprehensive warranty that covers manufacturing defects and other potential issues. All namokimods parts are covered with a 1-year warranty.

b. Technical Assistance

Especially as a beginner, you may encounter challenges during the modification process. Look for suppliers who offer robust technical support, including guides, tutorials, and direct assistance from experts if needed.

c. Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts might be necessary for future repairs or modifications. Suppliers who offer a wide range of spare parts ensure that you can maintain and update your modded watch for years to come.


Compatibility with Other Modding Parts

Last but certainly not least, part compatibility is a huge factor to consider. This is probably one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing watch modding parts. Not all modification parts are interchangeable or suitable for every watch model. Here are some points to bear in mind.

a. Movement

What movement does it use? 99% of Seiko mods will be using the NH family of movements, be in the NH35 (Seiko's date only movement) or NH36 (Seiko's day-date movement), or the recent addition to the family, the NH34 (Seiko's first affordable automatic GMT movement). It's important to find a case that has been designed to fit the movement of your choice. All our watch cases are designed to be compatible with the NH family of movements.

b. Dial

Next, you'll need to ensure that it can fit the dial that you want to use. Most Seiko mods use 28.5mm dials for Seiko modding, and if the case is too big or too small, dial fitment will be an issue. 

c. Bezel and Inserts

Other factors you'll want to take note of are the bezel and bezel inserts. Some watches have bezels that are swappable with other compatible bezels (like the original SKX007!), whereas some watches have bezels that you will not able to change. This greatly affects your modding choices and options. The same applies to bezel inserts - you want to choose a watch case with a bezel that is compatible with Seiko-compatible bezel inserts. This gives you the most flexibility and freedom when it comes to customising your watch.

It's very frustrating as a Seiko modder to face limited options and customisability due to watch parts that are not designed to be compatible with each other. So remember, do your homework!


Watch modification is an exciting hobby that allows enthusiasts to create personalized timepieces. However, for beginners, selecting the right parts can be a challenging process.

By focusing on the quality of the products, including finish and tolerances, considering aftersales support, and ensuring compatibility with other modding parts, beginners can successfully embark on their watch modding journey. Doing adequate research, seeking expert guidance, and buying from reputable suppliers will further smooth the path to a satisfying and rewarding experience.

August 06, 2023 — Glen H