When Dune: Part Two was delayed out of 2023, disappointment rippled through movie fans. But with an incredible slate of films this past year, there’s still much to anticipate - including this sequel to the beloved sci-fi epic by esteemed director Denis Villeneuve. And for watch enthusiasts, an interesting Hamilton tie-in connects the worlds of cinema and horology.



Hamilton is no stranger to making movie magic. Their timepieces have appeared in films like Interstellar and Tenet, where director Christopher Nolan requested custom prop watches essential to the plot. While not official Hamilton offerings, the brand later created collector’s models inspired by these on-screen designs.

Similarly, Villeneuve approached Hamilton seeking a prop “watch” for the Fremen tribe in Dune: Part Two. With no watches actually existing in the Dune universe, Hamilton had free creative reign. The final asymmetrical device has an antiqued industrial look, like punk mechanics went to work on desert tech. Prominent blue accents hint at some glowing function. Worn on the wrist like a timepiece, these props should come alive with lighting effects in the film.

Taking cues from the Tenet project, Hamilton translated this prop into two limited edition Ventura watches. The Ventura’s distinctive sci-fi shape, also famously worn by Elvis Presley in classic cinema, nods appropriately to both Dune’s retro-future aesthetic and Hamilton’s Hollywood history.

The Ventura XXL Bright Dune Limited Edition is a 52 x 46.6mm case rendered in black PVD stainless steel. At under 12mm thick, it remains sleek. When activated via a pusher, the deep black dial illuminates blue, echoing the prop’s glowing accents. Luminescent hands still tell the time. The blue light is purely decorative, but dramatically channels the film artifact’s presumed on-screen presence. Limited to 3,000 units at $1,750 USD.

Meanwhile, the Ventura Edge Dune Limited Edition measures 51 x 47.2mm, with a thicker 14mm depth. It swaps quartz movement for an LED display, the numerals faintly glowing blue until prompted to shine brighter through the crown. The blue LED ring then gradually fades out, simulating the prop watch’s presumed operating sequence. Laser etched circuit board textures enhance the high-tech motif. At $2,500 USD and only 2,000 pieces, it demands a higher premium.

Beyond the Hollywood cross-promotion, illuminating numerals on the Ventura visualizes Hamilton’s own history. I’ve toured Hamilton’s original Pennsylvania factory housing early electric Ventura models with their intricate analog circuits. Reimagining mid-century Hamilton innovations with modern LED tech suits the brand’s heritage.

By collaborating with a visionary modern sci-fi director, Hamilton advanced the Ventura’s retro-futurism into literally glow-in-the-dark territory. The link between cinema and watchmaking shines brightly. And when Dune: Part Two likely showcases these props onscreen, their Hamilton origins will be unmistakable for movie fans who also appreciate fine timepieces.


Image Sources: @hamiltonwatch on IG

February 27, 2024 — Jeremiah A