The Swiss watch brand Hublot is known for making some of the wildest and most innovative watches in the world. Their "MP" collection takes this to the extreme. MP stands for "Masterpiece" and these watches reinvent how watches work and look.

Hublot's latest crazy MP watch is the MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium. This watch doesn't just tell time in a new way - it also winds itself up in a totally unique way too!


Source: @watchtimemagazine on IG


Telling Time

Instead of normal hands on a dial, the MP-10 uses four spinning cylinder tubes in the middle to show you the time. At the top are two tubes that display the hours and minutes. These have a magnifying glass built-in to make the numbers bigger and easier to read. Little red pointers show the exact time.

Below that is a circular power reserve display that lets you see how much the watch is wound up. It uses green for a full wind and red for low battery.

At the very bottom is an angled tourbillon that spins constantly. The seconds are displayed right on this spinning tourbillon cage. So in one glance downwards, you can read the full time, power reserve, and see the mesmerizing tourbillon spin.

Winding The Watch

But here's where it gets really crazy - the way this Hublot winds itself up. Most automatic watches use a small weight that spins and winds the mainspring when you move your wrist.

The MP-10 has two huge solid blocks of white gold suspended on each side in vertical chambers. As you move, these heavy blocks slide up and down to wind up the watch! It's such a unique system and you're guaranteed to be staring at these blocks when they slide up to wind up.

There are also two crowns on the watch. The big main crown on top can wind the watch manually if needed. And the smaller crown on the caseback can pop out to let you set the time precisely.


Huge Case

Source: @hodinkeejapan on IG


Like most MP watches from Hublot, the MP-10 case is massively oversized. It measures over 2 inches wide and almost 1 inch thick! The see-through sapphire crystal wraps around the whole case in a cool structural design.

The middle section and caseback are made of lightweight titanium which helps balance out the watch's large size a bit. It's still an absolute unit of a watch though and definitely meant more for looking at than daily wear.

On the wrist, the MP-10 has Hublot's latest and greatest rubber strap with a titanium clasp to secure it. This strap helps give some grip to handle the weight of this monster watch.


Incredible Watchmaking

At the end of the day, the Hublot MP-10 is an insane achievement in watchmaking. It takes something as simple as telling time and winds it up into an avant-garde sculptural showpiece.

The winding system using those sliding weight blocks is such a creative solution. And displaying the time vertically across multiple rotating cylinders is just so unnecessary and brilliant at the same time.

Watchmakers will be studying the MP-10's construction for years trying to figure out how Hublot pulled this off. It cements their reputation for breaking all the rules and barriers of traditional watchmaking.

Is it practical? Not at all. Is it stunning and awesome? Absolutely. The MP-10 makes a bold statement that Hublot isn't just a lifestyle brand, but a true leader in forward-thinking haute horology. If you want a conversation-starting watch like no other, the MP-10 delivers in spades.

March 12, 2024 — Jeremiah A