Seiko may have the lion’s share of the modding spotlight, thanks to their legendary SKX007 that continues to be the template for mod parts despite already being discontinued. That said, Seiko is not the only Japanese brand whose watches you can personally modify.

In this article, we take a look at Orient and their entry level divers particularly the first and second generations of the Orient Ray and Mako, as well as the possible upgrades that you can do to them. These two series offer impressive value with reliable automatic movements, robust build quality, and attractive designs, making them solid choices for budget-conscious watch enthusiasts, and they can only get better with aftermarket modifications.

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About the Orient Ray and Mako

The Orient collection is nothing short of diverse, encompassing everything from timeless dress watches to robust dive companions. Each piece shares a common thread: a reputation for precision, reliability, and budget-friendly accessibility. What many people consider to be among the best are the Ray and Mako lines.



The Orient Ray 1 is a classic dive watch with a timeless design. It features a 41.5mm case, making it a perfect fit for most wrists. The watch shares its movement, the Orient Caliber 46943, with the Mako, another dive model from Orient. The dial features circular and rectangular indices instead of numerals and larger hands that gives it a more classic diver look. It also has a metallic finish on the dial that catches light beautifully. Despite its affordable price, the Orient Ray 1 offers a high-quality build and a stylish look, making it a great choice for watch enthusiasts.

The Orient Ray II, an upgraded version of the Orient Ray I, boasts several key differences that enhance its appeal. One of the most significant changes is the shift in movement from the old, ever-popular Orient Cal. 46943 to the new Cal. F6922. This new in-house movement eliminates the need for a pusher to correct the day of the week, a task now accomplished with the crown, much like most modern watches. The Ray II also offers improved functionalities such as hacking, hand-winding, and a better luminous material on the dial. Additionally, it introduces a 120 click bezel. While the dial design remains largely similar to the original Ray, the Ray II features a brighter blue shade of sunburst dial. These upgrades collectively contribute to making the Ray II a more functional and user-friendly watch compared to its predecessor.

The Orient Mako is another well-regarded dive watch, known for its affordability and quality. It features a similar 41.5mm case and the same movement as the Ray, but the notable similarities pretty much stops there. Unlike the Ray 1, the Mako 1 uses numbers and thin rectangular hour markers while the bezel has much smaller markers, giving it a dressier feel. Less lume is also applied to the watch over all, no doubt to make it more suitable in professional settings. 


Source: Two Broke Watch Snobs


The evolution from the Mako 1 to 2 is about the same as what happened with the Ray: the movement was upgraded to the F6922, getting rid of the separate pusher for the day adjusment and also introduces hacking and handwinding. A satisfying 120 click bezel was another welcome improvement to the watch.


Mods you can do to the Orient Ray and Mako

They may not be as modder-friendly as something like the SKX007, but they garnered enough attention to warrant the production of aftermarket mods.




One of the best subtle upgrades that you can do is to replace the original mineral crystal to a sapphire crystal, making it more scratch-resistant while improving clarity and reducing glare.

We offer a double domed sapphire crystal that fits the Orient Ray and Mako, both generations 1 and 2. The double domed designs allows for better viewing angles with better legibility, and the anti-reflective coating (available in blue and clear tints) makes it crystal clear in the dark and in direct sunlight. It will also sit flush with our bezel and a sloping bezel insert, giving it a seamless look.

Just take note that our crystal has a smaller diameter compared to the original mineral crystal so you will also need to use our custom crystal gasket for a great fit.




The bezels on these 4 Orient watches are quite unique, in that they feature indents at the 5-, 15-, 25-, 35-, 45-, and 55-minute markers. This unfortunately makes it incompatible with most aftermarket bezel inserts, greatly limiting its modding potential.

That’s why we’ve decided to release special Orient bezels that serve as ‘adapters’ that allow these Orient watches to be retrofitted with SKX007 bezel inserts. Our aftermarket Orient bezels are available in a Submariner style and a coin edge style – the two most requested designs for a watch modding bezel. Now you have more freedom to personalize your Orient Ray and Orient Mako, using it as a base for a homage or giving it a unique spin that differentiates your watch from the rest. Steel Orient, anyone?


Wrap Up

The Orient watches we covered today are already a great value as they are, but with a few simple tweaks, you can personalize them and truly make them YOUR watch. Be sure to check out our catalog and see if it will inspire you with an idea for a custom Orient diver.

And for your Seiko modding needs, we have hundreds of parts that are available for the SKX007, SKX013, and more! From case and crystal bundles down to the bracelets, we have everything you’ll need to upgrade your watch, or build one from scratch. Our parts are recognized as one of the best in the industry and trusted by professional modders from around the world.

If you have any questions about how to modify your Seiko or Orient watch, you can reach out to us at

Happy modding!

October 08, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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