Grand Seiko is probably the first brand you think of when we talk about Japanese luxury watches, but there’s another brand that’s a step above; Credor. Their focus is on heritage, craftsmanship, and elegance, applying both to the watch and the movement inside it.

The same can be said for other high-end watch brands, but Credor does have a few practices that separates them from the rest. Despite their obvious mastery over horology though, the the Seiko sub-brand is not very popular outside of its origin country of Japan.


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In this article, we hope to shed some light on this watch house. You'll discover the perfect blend of style and substance that defines Credor and how you can infuse their unique look into your next Seiko mod. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


What is Credor?

The name Credor derives from the French “Créte d’Or,” which means “crest of gold.” Just from the name, you would already get an idea of what they’re aiming for as watchmakers. Being founded in 1974, the brand dealt exclusively in precious metals, dedicating their time and resources in pursuit of the peak of Japanese aesthetics and beauty.



The Credor logo is likewise another hint into their watchmaking practices – it is meant to evoke a mountain to symbolize the ‘peak’ of horology, while the three stars represent their guiding principles which is to embody the Japanese preference for delicacy and precision, the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and leveraging the watchmaking know-how from Seiko’s 130 years of operation.

While they have since evolved to include stainless steel in their lineup, they have not in the slightest changed their design philosophy, holding each timepiece to the highest standards. It combines Seiko’s 100 years’ worth of traditional reliability and innovation with high-end techniques to create arguably the most underrated Japanese luxury watch brand today.

Here are 2 wildly different yet inspirational Credor watches to guide your next Seiko mod.


Credor GCAZ057



For anyone looking for a suitable entry watch to Credor, the GCAZ057 is one of your best choices. It’s a stainless steel offering at around $2000, for which you’ll get an exceptional Japanese Cloisonné dial with a contrasting blue handset housed in a sleek and minimalist 35mm case. Powering it is a high-performance quartz movement with a changing schedule of every 3 years. It’s a nice choice for the office, and while not advisable, you’ll have no problem bringing this to your next beachside vacation too thanks to its 100m water resistance rating.


GCAZ057-Inspired Homage Mod

To build a watch that gives the same vibe as the GCAZ057, the most important task is choosing a slim and proportional case. The NMK931, despite its field-watch-appropriate design, makes for a good choice with its 38mm diameter and 9.2mm thickness. The bezel has a mix of brushed and polished surfaces for an even slimmer visual appeal, and the crown is also thin to accent the overall look.

Another suitable choice would be the NMK936 Explorer case which has a more obvious dress watch aura, featuring a smooth and gentle slope on the sides and a beautiful polished bezel that’s already pre-installed on the case. The diameter is at 36mm, making it closer to the dimensions of the GCAZ057.

Want to give your mod a more Japanese look? Install a sapphire caseback and tack on an Asanoha rotor to your movement!


Credor GBLS998

Source: A Blog to Watch


Sitting at an eye-watering price of $400,000 (yes, that’s the correct amount of 0’s), the Credor GBLS998 is but a dream for most of us watch enthusiasts. It’s one of the more ‘undoubtedly Credor’ watch models with its hypnotizing gold sheen and an intricate movement displayed proudly on the front and back. The 7R11 Spring Drive caliber powers this beautiful beast, providing it with an impressive accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month, while delighting the wearer with a beautiful symphony of hammers and gongs to chime the time at the push of a button.


GBLS998-Inspired Homage Mod

Before undertaking a GBLS998 Seiko mod, you must first accept that we can only attempt to homage it, as the level of craftsmanship put into this watch is not something we can closely capture, try as we might.

With that disclaimer, the best case we can suggest for this is our NMK940 GS case which bears the closest resemblance to the case. You’ll then equip it with an NH70 skeleton movement which is also meant to be seen through the dial and caseback. At this point, you can decide if you want to forego the dial entirely, but if you want, you can also add a skeleton dial to match your NH70. Pitched Dauphine hands in blue finish would be the best handset choice.

Once all assembled, you should have a ‘succesful attempt’ of the GBLS998 with your Skeleton GS mod.


Wrap Up

Credor is a true marvel of Japanese watchmaking, combining heritage, design, and precision to set them apart in the watch scene. From the affordable GCAZ057 to the extravagant GBLS998, Credor offers a piece of art for every enthusiast.

And if you’re looking to walk in their path and create watches with a premium appeal, be sure to check out our catalog! Our parts are trusted by professionals thanks to their quality and excellent cross-compatibility which offers great value for its price. From SKX007 cases to tool kits, we have everything you may need to finish your watch project.

Happy modding!

October 18, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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