There have been loads of collaborations in the watchmaking industry. While many collabs have been pricey, there are also some that are very affordable.

There’s a misunderstanding that good watches are only made by expensive bands for wealthy people who have a lot of cash to burn – and people with a more reasonable budget are left with sub-standard choices.

Nothing could be further from the truth!


The Idea Behind Collaborations

When watch designers work with artists or musicians, or when they take inspiration from comics and cinema, great things can happen. The watches will be inspired by the crossover – and a much wider market will be attracted to the final product.


Just take the infamous Seiko X Street Fighter collaboration for example. Source: Watches by SJX


Great collaborations combine traditional watch designs which reflect the style of the watch company’s partner.

If you are interested in buying quality watches at reasonable prices – there are some great collabs to choose from. Not only do the models look great, they can also serve as an inspiration for custom builds – which is something we love!


Partnerships with Affordable Watch Brands

Timex X Coca Cola

Timex is one of the world’s biggest watchmakers. The company is committed to creating affordable watches, and has been successful for more than half a century in the market.

Established as a small company in Waterbury, Connecticut, the company is now headquartered in the Netherlands. It has operations strategically located throughout the world, including in the United States, India, and the Philippines.

In addition to offering affordable timepieces, the brand is also known for the simplicity and durability of its watches.


A different kind of time capsule. Source: Timex


Among a wide range of models, the company launches special watches occasionally through the partnership with other industries. One of the well-known collaborations introduced is the Timex X Coca Cola unity collection.

As a part of the series with Coke, the watchmaker introduced models that feature the Coca-Cola logo – some of them using super-groovy 70s-themed graphics.


Make these patterns great again! Source: Worn and Wound


The first is the 34mm T80 digital watch with a trippy design that is printed on the logo surrounding the LCD.

The next one is the 38mm Timex Q with a groovy rainbow that features the word “Peace” under it, and of course, there’s also the Coca-Cola logo.

The 40mm Timex Standard shows its love to Coke with the addition of a giant multi-color Coca-Cola logo on the dial, with a small, stylized dove under it to communicate a hopeful, unifying message.

The trio was put on the market with extremely affordable prices. The Timex Standard will cost you $99, while the trippy T80 goes for $89, and the Q comes in on top with a price of $189.


Citizen X Marvel

Next on the list is one of the major brands from Japan – Citizen Watch Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1918 at Shokosha Watch Research Institute, the Japanese watchmaker Citizen has launched many famous timepieces that helped to define the Japanese watch industry.

Citizen is considered by many to be a great brand that offers a lot of value for the price, and the company offers a wide range of styles for just about anyone.

The 21st century has the superheroes from the Marvel universe seeing an explosion in popularity around the world.


Great action scenes and funny dialogues are the main strengths of a Marvel movie. Source: D23


The company did not pass up the opportunity to make a series of models that feature popular characters from the Marvel universe like Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider-Man on the watches in the series.

Most recently, Citizen announced a Marvel 80th-anniversary run of watches paying homage to the classic characters that Marvel has been using for decades. Spider-Man is shown in the new series of Marvel timepieces as a real standout.

While the previous Spider-Man watch released from Citizen in 2018 had its own bold design but seems fairly ordinary without closer inspection, the new 2019 design is a more limited release displaying Peter Parker front-and-center.


Spiderman has always been one of the more popular superhero characters. Source: Watch Time


He can be seen on the dial with full attire, on top of retro black and white panels. Taking on a mix of black and white, plus red, the color palette is simple while the dial design is bold.

In addition to the comic book styling of the dial is a silver stainless steel case with red-and-black numbering on the bezel. The band itself is made of leather and is also crafted in red-and-black.

The Spider-Man from 1962 anniversary timepiece is part of an 80th-anniversary series that was created with Marvel Comics. Citizen used the designs from Spider-Man and released a wristwatch influenced by the red, white, and blue coloring of Marvel’s marketing.

All of Citizen’s Marvel watches were given the limited-edition treatment and house a Citizen Eco-Drive movement, so there is no need to worry about regular battery changes – as the battery will last for at least 10 years if treated correctly.

Citizen is known for its stylish, innovative, and high-quality watches. Its Citizen Eco-Drive outstanding collections are listed among the best solar watches – and any watches from the Marvel universe will both look great – and work for years to come.


Bulova X Harley Davidson

Bulova, an American watch brand that started in New York in 1875, is currently one of the subsidiaries of Citizen Watch Co. after its acquisition in 1979.

As one of the oldest watch brands in the world, you can find various Bulova watches throughout modern history. One of them is the rare Bulova for Harley Davidson WWII style military watches.

The Bulova 76A131 is perfect for Harley Davidson riders who have an interest in WWII.


It's a down to Earth tool watch. Source: Keep the Time


Its design is inspired by the original military tool watches used by the U.S. military during World War II. This style was referred to as a “hack” watch which allowed the second hand to be stopped so that American forces could synchronize their watches to the second.

This is an official timepiece commissioned by Harley Davidson from Bulova. It has the motor company’s signature across the dial, the Bar and Shield logo on the crown, the Harley Davidson text across the inside of the strap, as well as the logo on the case-back.

Regardless of the transfer of ownership, Bulova is well known in the watch industry because of the high accuracy movements it uses, the unique style, and the durability of its products.


Invicta X Spongebob

Invicta is a Swiss watch brand that started life in 1837. Although Invicta is proud of its Swiss heritage, not all of its watches are fully Swiss-made. Many of its products come from Asia and are built with Japanese quartz movements.

Invicta has brought SpongeBob, a childish and joyful sea sponge that was designed by the former marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg, to the Invicta SpongeBob SquarePants collection – one of the wackiest collabs out there.


Who lives in a watch case on somebody's wrist? Source: Invicta


Invicta used its massive 52mm Grand Pro Diver as the basis for the Invicta SpongeBob SquarePants collection, which actually will stand up to real use in the ocean with its 100m of water resistance.

The collection has depictions of this beloved character and his world made with the innovation of hydroplaning technology. You can find Invicta’s timepieces at very affordable price points, and they make a great gift to any SpongeBob lover – young or old.


Luminox X Bear Grylls

Co-founded by the watch industry veterans Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo, Luminox’s mission is to offer readability as well as cutting-edge luminescence in its line of sports watches.

The founding duo partnered with the US Navy SEALS and other elite units to build timepieces that are tested and proven to survive in the toughest environments. One of its most recent successes is the Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master 3749, which came with a seal of approval from Bear Grylls, a master of the survival arts.


A living legend. Source: Luminox


Luminox is well-known for making heavy-duty tool watches that are well and tough, built for the extremes of nature. Its watches are also supplied to the armed forces as tactical watches. On the other hand, Bear Grylls is a well-known survivalist who can withstand the harshest sides of nature, with experience in deserts, snow, and the jungle.

These strong points are combined in The Luminox Bear Grylls Survival line, including three capsules - Sea, Land, and Master.


All three have very distinctive looks and functionality. Source: Luminox Australia


All three are a heavy-duty blend of survival features and resiliency contented in a 45mm case. The watches feature a striking monochromatic case and are highly legible – paired with a fluorescent orange strap.

Most watches today strive to be lighter, and the Luminox Bear Grylls Master case is made out of CARBONOX, an in-house carbo-mix Luminox has been using since 2006. It delivers strength and ease of use, which is a must for any kind of survival gear.

If the watch is flipped over, you will see a stainless steel case back with the slogan ‘Never Give Up’ engraved alongside Bear Grylls’ signature.

The Master Series 3749 may not be for everyone, it’s been designed for those looking to invest in a solid piece of wristwear for adventures in the wild – and it probably won't fit under a shirt cuff!


Collaborations in the Seiko modding industry - namoki X

Here at namokiMODS we want to take independent watch modding to the next level. Our Namoki X program benefits anyone who wants to design and make watch mod parts and also the people who love watch modding.

Seiko mods are really popular, but many people think that the industry is limited by the parts available in the market.



Any part of a watch can be upgraded or modded including the dial, the hands, the bezel insert, chapter ring, the crystal, or even the case – or just about anything you can imagine. If you look through our catalog, you will see we already offer a huge number of parts you can choose from.

We already offer loads of skx007 mod parts, and many custom cases that make many Seiko mods easy. But we know that there is always a great new idea out there – and Namoki X will help produce the best new watch modding parts.

In addition to producing new mod parts, we will also use our extensive marketing abilities to sell the parts – which means that any designers that work with us will gain a form of passive income.

We will make new parts available to our customers while the designers gain a percentage of every sale for their items.


Wrap up

The market for Seiko mod parts is growing all the time. namokiMODS is dedicated to creating some of the best Seiko mod parts in the market, and allowing the next generation of independent watch design to take shape.

Watch modding is becoming more popular, and namokiMODS is happy to offer watch modification parts and tools that will provide value for years to come. We already have loads of skx007 mod parts in our catalogue – and we are adding more all the time!

October 20, 2021 — Jeremiah A

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