If you are a fan of Seiko watches, you probably know that one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of owning them is the ability to customize them with different parts and accessories. In particular, if you’re a fan of sports watches with integrated bracelets, or watches with a retro-modern vibe, then you must have been delighted with our release of the NMK945 NRX case! This sporty 36mm case has been quite popular with the Seiko modding community, and in this article, we’ll visit the best ones that we’ve come across so far.

If you’re interested in building with this case and are looking for more inspiration before starting your own retro-inspired mod, then keep reading because you’re sure to have awesome new ideas by the end of this read. Let’s jump right in!


@koda_watches | Silver and Blue Homage

Source: @koda_watches


Call it an homage of an homage, but you can’t deny that it’s a fine piece to put on the wrist! In line with his design philosophy to add a personal touch without taking away too much from its inspiration, @koda_watches pairs a navy blue SNXS77 dial in our NRX case and adds a yellow lightning seconds hand to give it a pop of color. The blue sunburst dial may seem too minimalist at first when compared to the waffle dial of the Powermatic 80, but it looks just right for a watch meant to be a daily beater. This build also features a day-date indicator, a step up from the muse’s date-only complication.


@finemods and @mod_by_kellan | White Waffle NRX

Source: @mod_by_kellan


Source: @finemods


The recognizable shape of the NRX case and its seamless transition to the bracelet makes it an eye-catching feature all on its own, so @finemods and @mod_by_kellan both must have thought you don’t to do anything too ‘extra’ to make a beautiful watch out of it. For the face, both have decided to borrow from luxury design and added a Silver Oak-style dial, featuring a beautiful waffle design that plays nicely in the light. Silver baton hands complete the look, its slender design matching the markers on the dial and the sleekness of the case.


@modderire | Honey Gold SRX

Source: @modderire


Fancy a custom watch build modeled after the gold Tissot PRX? @modderire had the perfect mod idea for a gilded homage, and this one really nailed the vintage vibe with its oldie-but-goodie Seiko 5 dial. If you add a few stains and scratches, you’d probably think this is legitimate piece that was made in the 70’s – the dial just matches the case so nicely that it looks OEM! Turn it around and you are greeted with a display caseback to showcase the NH movement with custom golden rotor, adding even more character to an already awesome build.


@lyvmods | Golden Gatsby NRX

Source: @lyvmods


“This should be in an art gallery,” says one of the comments. You’d probably agree since the watch does look like a piece of art, thanks to the stunning art deco dial. Featuring a checkered pattern of black and gold, the dial adds an intricate look to the build using a golden NRX case as the base. You also have a black day and date wheel to match the face, while golden baton hands point to the short rectangular markers to tell the time. With that much going on at the front, @lyvmods decided to ease up on the caseback, opting for a sterile slim caseback which is the perfect choice for this particular build. Something to wear at the gala, perhaps?


Wrap Up

The NMK945 NRX case has proven to be an excellent canvas for creative and stylish watch builds, as demonstrated by these stunning mods from our talented community. From subtle vintage homages to ornate art deco styles, the versatility of the NRX case shines through.

If this showcase has inspired you to try a sports watch build of your own, be sure to check out the NRX case on our shop. For beginners looking to dive into modding with this fashionable case, our watch modding kits are the perfect starting point with everything you need conveniently bundled including parts, tools and instructions.

And with our biggest sale of the year coming up, Black Friday is the optimal time to grab the NRX case and components for your next build at discounts up to 30%! Keep an eye out for our Black Friday deals launch to take advantage of the best prices of the year.

Happy modding!

November 23, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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