Halloween has come and gone, but these mods will haunt us forever. For a fun challenge for Halloween this year, we asked our modfam to create a build with different parts meant for different watches, essentially creating what modders and watch enthusiasts call a Frankenwatch.

Watches are usually built with matching parts that follow a certain theme or design style. But as anyone knows, mixing and matching different parts is a fun process for watch modding, and is one way to make a truly unique build. 

More often than not, these frankenwatches still end up as appealing timepieces that you can proudly wear outside of the Halloween season. But what we asked our community to do is to come up with a Frankenwatch that you wouldn’t normally build (or ever wear), with parts that were planned for other builds that never made it. 

The Namoki Frankenwatch Contest gave birth to these crazy and imaginative abominations:

3rd Place - The Vostok Sub by no.body_cares42069 

As one commenter noted, this digital diver chimera looks oddly appealing, and he isn’t wrong. The fake Rolex case, Vostok bezel, Hamilton clasp and Cyclops crystal makes for a good base for a mod, but the unfitting, digital movement and screen (complete with gaps as it is a bad fit on the case) brings this frankenwatch to the top 3 spot of our contest.

2nd Place - Frankendial Build by relojeando.pa

From afar, this one really is unrecognizable. A good thing for this particular contest! It starts with a MarineMaster case, a Silver YM insert, and a knurled bezel. So far so good, but what made this build grab the 2nd spot for the best Frankenwatch is the orange Seiko Monster dial and Namoki Waffle Gray dial that were cut in half and stitched together, like the scarred face of a horror movie villain.

Runners Up

If this watch was a person, it would have been classified as a mutated creature that “miraculously exists”. 2 Chronograph watches were definitely hurt in the making of this Frankenwatch, and we applaud @alternatewatch for this creative horror piece!


Taking inspiration from the Frankenstein monster itself, this entry by @andersinc_ uses a green dial and green and yellow case for the skin, with a variety of colors for the insert and hands to represent the discolored body parts. For good measure, some stickers also cover some gaps on the dial, which takes cues from the screws and bolts that were running through Frankenstein's monster’s head. Bravo!


@fathertime_watches knew what he was doing when he built this Frankensub. The case has welding spots, none of the hands match, and the insert and the dial were both from 2 different parts that were cut in half and put together. And yet, it resulted in an impressive beater watch that some people are even considering for wear! 

1st Place - ??? by suretimemods

The wackiest build of the contest is hard to describe but easy to appreciate as a Frankenwatch. All of the parts came from many different sources and were obviously not meant to be put together like this, which is why it takes place in our contest! The video of the comically small seconds hand moving will surely brighten your day, halloween or not. 

Wrap Up

It has been fun reviewing all the entries for this contest, and we’re very proud of the community for having the open mind and the wits to join this contest. We hope it was fun for everyone who participated, and we hope to have more enjoyable contests for you guys!

Stay tuned to our channels because we have other exciting stuff for you modfam!

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November 02, 2021 — Jeremiah A

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