Discovered by a German chemist in 1793, titanium is a very strong, silvery material. It was named after the progenitors of the Greek Gods: the Titans.

Throughout history, titanium has been used as a mainstay in the production of Spacecraft and Military aircraft thanks to its high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Later on, this wonder material found itself as a staple in the world of fashion and accessory design for the same reasons, with the launch of the world’s first titanium watch, the 1970 Citizen X-8 Chronometer.


Why Titanium Is Perfect for Watches

Titanium watches are becoming extremely popular among men who don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy watch. Covered by an oxide film, it is almost impossible for titanium watches to rust or corrode. 

Titanium can easily survive in harsh environments for many years. This is one of the reasons why a watch made of titanium becomes a great option for divers and swimming athletes.

If your skin is sensitive, titanium is a good metal because it is hypoallergenic. Unlike other metals like stainless steel which contains the common allergen, nickel; there is a low chance of it causing any skin allergies or rashes. 

In addition to the ability to resist harsh conditions and not rust or corrode easily, titanium watches are also considered environmentally friendly as this metal can be easily recycled.

Because titanium cannot be mechanically molded into a specific shape in an automatic manufacturing system, it needs to be drilled and machined. As such, this gives it a noticeably different aesthetic from other metals. 

This metal is also known for having an unusual color and a coveted dark, gray luster. If you are looking for a titanium watch – to buy or to serve as inspiration for your next mod - we have 5 amazing options for you. Let’s take a look! 

Seiko SGG711

The Seiko SGG711 is a great example of modern watchmaking. 

In addition to featuring a simple, straightforward dial with the word “Titanium” boldly printed on the dial, the watch also has very legible numerals that are painted with lumibrite. 


Good value for a modern watch. Source: Watch Review Blog


The SGG711 has a very sleek case, at only 8 millimeters thick and 37 millimeters wide. It is water-resistant to 50 meters and should hold up to some short-duration submersions, which is fine for this kind of watch.

Using titanium for the case, bezel, and bracelet is one of the most interesting features of this watch. This gives the watch an amazing lightweight feel and incredible strength, and is an amazing value at its price point.

The watch uses a stock Seiko quartz movement, which means it will be accurate and work for decades to come, with timely battery changes every few years. 

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto

Hamilton has 100 years of experience in making watches, as can be seen on their attractive watch collections. One of them is the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic collection,  which not only has modern appeal, but also is a great addition to the classic Khaki line. 

Hamilton makes the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic with darker gray tone cases that weigh significantly less than stainless steel. These models practically disappear on the wrist when worn. 


The type of watch you'd want to have on in a nature trip. Source: Monochrome Watches


The Ti models come in both 38mm and 42mm, and you can get the dial in various colors. With its 100m water resistance, you can confidently take it swimming, and don’t have to worry about it getting water-damaged if you get stuck in the rain.

Although this is a field watch, at less than 12mm thick, it could easily be a one-stop watch collection that is used for daily wear. It also has the Powermatic 80 movement which will run for more than three days when fully charged.

Overall, this is one great titanium watch choice from a solid Swiss manufacturer. 

Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Titanium Watch

The INOX collection from Victorinox has been a wildly popular line of sports watches and divers. ‘INOX’  is actually a French term used to refer to stainless steel. That said, you can now get the INOX design in a titanium case. This model measures 43mm-wide, and has been fully sandblasted for a subdued look. 


The sandblasted finish makes it even more beautiful! Source: Watch Report


Not only does it look like a tough watch that could do anything - it actually underwent the tests to prove this. The INOX collection has been stress tested for shock, extreme temperatures and extreme velocities, all of which it passed with flying colors. The Ti Victorinox watch packs 200m of water resistance, so you know this INOX is ready for the field, the race track, or the ocean. 

Inside of the watch is a Swiss Ronda caliber 715 quartz movement, which will deliver steady performance for a looong time. If you are looking for a tough, light and accurate timepiece, this watch should be on your radar. 

Citizen Super Titanium Armor Chronograph

Citizen’s designers took a bold approach when they created the Super Titanium Armor line. If you want a watch that is made with state of the art components, and looks like something from an 80s movie about the future, this is your watch.


Sporty and futuristic. Source: Watchonista


There are three models to choose from, including a 41mm three-hander, and two 44mm chronographs. 

One interesting feature is the unidirectional, rotating bezel on the chronograph versions of the Super Titanium Armor. The asymmetrical bezel rotates to expose the pushers and crown which is a fun feature that sets these watches apart from the crowd. A high-end bracelet is already included in the package.

This line is also very affordable, and can be found at less than $700 for any of the models. 

Bertucci A-2T Vintage Titanium

The Bertucci A2-T Vintage Titanium that is close to the perfect field watch. It sports a 40mm titanium case that screams tool watch with its uniform and subtle looks. It is almost totally brushed, and built to be used.  


A Titanium watch for the field. Source: u/Theagenes1 on Reddit


In addition to the 200m of water resistance, the dial of the watch is very easy to read under almost any circumstances. It uses a Swiss quartz movement, and the company claims it will operate for five years on a single battery. 

Then, there is the price. These watches can be had for less than $200 if you know where to look. Some of the cheaper options use mineral crystal, so if you want sapphire, be sure you are getting what you want. 

The Bertucci A2-T Vintage is a great watch at an even greater price, and would make a wonderful weekend watch! 

Mod Your Own Titanium Watch

If you want to create your own titanium watch, we have all the Titanium Watch mod parts you need for Seiko mods. Our original SKX007 Titanium Case was wildly popular, and now we have the NMK933 SKX007 Titanium Bundle, as well as the NMK934 MM300 Titanium Case Bundle.



With our parts, you can make your own TI SKX, or TI MM300 homages. Both our new titanium cases are made of Grade 5 Titanium, which is much higher in strength than Grade 2 Titanium. 

Grade 5 TI has “self-healing” properties so that scuffs or scratches on your watch will slowly disappear as the unoxidized portions of Titanium will create a gray patina when it meets the air. 

Seiko Mod Watches are a lot of fun to make, and a TI model will stand out from the rest. While Seiko makes titanium watches, it has never manufactured a TI SKX case – but we do!   

Wrap Up

There are so many options out there for anyone who loves to mod watches. We have an extensive collection of SKX007 Parts in our online catalog, but we also offer Watch spare parts, as well as OEM Seiko spare parts.

Watch modding is more popular than ever, so when you buy parts for your next build, buy from us, and get the most for your money! 

August 02, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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