The charm of field watches lies in their history of military significance. These wristwatches were embraced by many soldiers due to their capacity to resist harsh conditions. Durability, accuracy and utility are key features of a standard field watch.

As time went by, the humble field watch has expanded beyond the military and traveled into different markets. Today, field watches are common at a variety of price points, so don’t worry if you don’t have thousands to spend on a watch. 


Field Watches Can be Expensive

A field watch can be pricey for a few reasons. The biggest one is the cost of the brand, as there are a few field watches out there that pack some incredible movements. The value of a brand adds a lot to any watch, and a Field watch is no exception. 

Think - Rolex Explorer 1. It is a lovely field watch in a smashingly built steel case. Of course, it doesn't have a date complication, and will easily cost you $5000 - used. 


Sure it looks great but, 5 grand for a used watch? Source: Lali Iniciativa


Given the importance of durability in military watches, field watch mod parts are typically constructed of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic. In addition to the case, most quality Field watches carry some form of accurate movement. 

While a Seiko watch model could be the perfect fit for your needs, there are also loads of other models out there. At namokiMODS we also supply all the parts you need to create a modded or fully custom Field watch mod.  Looking for something ready to wear? Here are a few options that offer a great value and solid performance. 


Top 5 Field Watches on a Budget

Never before has there been such a wide range of affordable field watches with amazing designs and features appropriate for use in the real world. We've compiled a list of the top 5 field watches to buy on a budget. So have a look at our picks below and see what suits your taste!


Bertucci A-2T

The Bertucci A-2T distinguishes itself from the competition by being simple, well built, and ready for anything. It is offered in many different configurations, but they all share a titanium case, and a crown around the 4 o’clock position. 

This particular model is one of the few titanium watches that costs less than $200. That explains why Bertucci is so popular among young people in the United States. The Bertucci A-2T is a classic that also sports a reliable quartz movement from Japan. 


Hard to find other budget titanium watches out there. Source: BM Engineer


The watch is roughly 40mm in size. While the size may not appeal to all wearers, the cleaner dial makes it easier to read the time. Overall the simple face is stunningly well made for the price. In addition this field watch has lugs that are built into the case. 

So with this watch you are limited to using a NATO or ZULU strap, but on the other hand it is one tough case that isn’t likely to break anytime soon. Overall, this little Ti watch delivers a lot for the money, and it looks great too. 


Timex Mk 1 Mechanical

The Timex Mk 1 Mechanical is really more of a fun, fascinating accessory than America’s version of a Seiko as some have labeled it. It would be difficult to imagine a watch that delivers more value for the price, as long as you want a no-frills Field watch. 


Absolutely zero frills found. Source: Worn and Wound


The Mk 1 isn’t going to challenge the specs of a higher end Field watch, and any model from the Hamilton Khaki line will offer a lot more in terms of specs (more on that below). With all that said, the Mk 1 Mechanical has 50m of water resistance, a great looking classic dial, and a 36mm case. 

The dial is offered in a drab green, which is a perfect fit for the overall design of the watch. With a mechanical movement, and timeless styling, the Mk 1 Mechanical would be a great everyday watch, or an addition to anyone’s collection. 


Bulova Hack Watch

Bulova (now owned by the same company as Citizen) has created high-quality product models, which have become a trend in the watch market, and they join this list with the Bulova Hack Watch. With 140 years of history and two world wars behind it, this unassuming watch is actually a reliable model that even your grandparents may even remember. 


Cheap but not cheap-looking. Source: Teddy Baldassarre


The company is well-known for its Accutron line, but few people have heard that the Bulova Hack Watch Archive Series is also a low-cost alternative for any field watch fan. It is favored for its excellent utility and aesthetic aspects, as well as its beautiful design for great performance. The dial is easy to read, however it lacks lume, which makes it challenging to read the time in low-light conditions.


Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Inspired by the classic Khaki Field manufactured in the 1960s, the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical was introduced as an homage to the brand’s history with the US military. The NATO strap and 38mm diameter case looks great on almost anyone, and works for both men and women. 


One of the more popular budget field watches out there. Source: Hodinkee


The contrast of black and white makes the dial stand out, and it is very easy to read. With water resistance of up to 50 meters, this model is ready for real-world use. In addition to its design, this Field watch has exceptional accuracy and durability. It is not difficult to comprehend why these classic watches are so widely loved.

The Khaki Field Mechanical uses an ETA 2801-2 handwinding movement, which also hacks. The crystal is sapphire, and overall, this represents an amazing value in a classic field watch. 

As we said already - it is extremely difficult to find another watch in this price category that offers similar specs, especially for anyone who wants a Swiss watch. 


Seiko 5 SNK809

Saving the best for last! 

The Seiko 5 SNK809 is one of the most popular watches that comes in at less than $100. While the world is awash in microbrands that use Japanese movements, Seiko has continued to offer this model at an unbelievable price. 

It features a simple design with classic three hand readout, as well a day and date display. The 7s26 Seiko-made movement isn’t state of the art, but if you plan to wear this watch everyday it won’t matter. 


Many call it the king of budget watches. Source: The Modest Man


The 7s26 has an error of just 10-15 seconds every day, which is acceptable in a standard mechanical watch. We also offer watch mod parts for this model, if you feel like giving it your own touch (or putting a modern movement in). 

To top it all off, the SNK809 has a solid stainless steel case, display caseback, and great lume for a sub-$100 watch. Pick one up and you will see why these are some of the most popular Field watches - ever. 


Wrap Up

If you're looking for a good value on a field watch, take a look at our best field watches for a small budget above. We know all of them will fit the bill, and deliver quality for years to come. For anyone that wants to make a Seiko-style watch of their own, you are in the right place.

At namokiMODS we offer some of the best Watch mod parts out there, including SKX007 Parts, and loads of other Seiko spare parts. Check out this link for other field watch recommendations with easy to replicate designs, so you can start working on your field watch mod.

And if you don’t want to rely on already existing designs for your mod, check our available field watch parts you can use here.

When it comes to Watch spare parts, get the quality that you are paying for. namokiMODS is committed to delivering great options for watch modding fans, and anyone who wants to use top-quality OEM and aftermarket parts. 

May 20, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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