We're going to share a really cool fact, that doesn't seem to be very widely known!

The Samurai is a relatively new model from Seiko, and doesn't have many mod parts available for it at the moment. As a Samurai fan, the lack of mod options is definitely pretty frustrating.


The good news is... Turtle bezels are compatible with the Seiko Samurai!

Turtle bezels snap right on to the Seiko Samurai. Installation is easy as pie - our SRP Turtle bezels fit onto the Samurai case perfectly.

Here's a Samurai that has a stock Turtle bezel installed, paired with our black Seiko style steel bezel insert:

Seiko Samurai with Turtle Bezel installed

What this means

If you like a bezel insert that is designed for the Seiko Turtle (and not for the Samurai), fret not. All you need is a Turtle bezel, and all the bezel insert options that the Turtle has are now available to you as well! We have a growing collection of Turtle inserts with which you can style both your SRP777 and your Samurai. 

What this DOESN'T mean

Seiko Turtle bezel INSERTS will not fit onto your stock Samurai bezel. Although a Turtle bezel will perfectly fit a Samurai case, it is unfortunately not the same story with the insert. Conversely, Samurai bezel inserts won't fit on your stock Turtle bezel either.

This may seem obvious, but we just thought that we'd further re-iterate this fact for the avoidance of doubt. 

Some photos from our customers...

Gorgeous example number 1, courtesy of @watchatalkinbout from Instagram

Seiko Samurai modded using Namoki Seiko SRP Turtle Parts

Another fantastic specimen from @wristwatchwarrior

We hope this information is useful to you Samurai owners out there! If you see something that you like from our SRP Turtle Bezel Inserts collection,  you will be able to fit these on your Samurai as long as you have a Turtle bezel as well. Get Your Mod On!


February 10, 2019 — namoki guest


Chris said:

How about a Turtle bezel on a King Samurai. Will that work? Thanks in advance for any advice.

fendy said:

if the turtle bezel fits samurai, so its also vice versa? ( samurai bezel for tuttle )

John marcello perez said:

Turtle bezel on samurai is quite a practical proposition,how about installing sapphire crystal on a samurai,wldnt it pose any problem if you use turtle bezels? Thanks

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