If you have been shopping with Namoki, you would know that we offer a wide-range of high-quality mod parts. But did you know that we offer fully-built timepieces too? They are perfect for those who are looking for something effortlessly special, and of high quality. In this post, we hope to shed some light on our timepieces and maybe you will see the value in owning one.

Fact #1: Further modification and customization

Are you looking for something that's pre-built, but still want the freedom and flexibility to make simple modifications in future?

Our NMK watches are built with our own components that we're already selling on our website, which means further customizations can be carried out if you want to make your watch more personalised. The watches are compatible with all the aftermarket SKX007/SPRD Seiko 5 parts that we sell, so feel free to explore the watch mod parts we offer.


Namokimods NMK05 on wrist (2)

Above: Our NMK05 sitting perfectly on Romeo's wrist. (Source: Romeo’s watches)

In this case, Romeo’s watches have revamped our NMK05 watch, with the decision to swap the NMK05’s insert for our DSSD insert and the bezel for our coin-edge bezel and we think it looks really slick.

Whether you decide to swap out the insert or the hands, the possible combinations are endless! Or if you like the way it looks out of the box, just keep it that way for now until the modding itch needs to be scratched.


Fact #2: Quality components

When we say effortless, we mean it. Our NMK watches use the NH35a automatic movement, Seiko's workhorse calibre. 


Above: 200m Water Resistance. Perfect for your diving (or desk-diving) needs. (Source: Romeo’s watches)



Not only that, the parts used in our NMK watches are of high quality to help keep your watch looking fresh always.


Above: No do-it-yourself skills required with high quality parts. Perfect for all! (Source: Namoki)



Our NMK watches use sapphire crystals which allows for greater resistance to scratches while boosting the appearance of the watch. (You can read more about sapphire crystals here if you are interested to find out more.) With the cost of SKX007s nowadays - they're being sold for north of USD300 at the time of writing - our watches might be a better value proposition if you're looking for a moddable watch.

On top of that, the ceramic bezel inserts that we use are known to be scratch resistant and retain colours well. This means that you will be owning a very durable and fresh-looking watch without worrying about having to switch out the components frequently.

Fact #3: Popular styles for different moods without modding skills required

Our NMK watches feature some of the most popular mod looks – from Rose Gold Yachtmaster to Vintage Sub. Depending on your style (or mood), you can choose from our wide-ranging NMK watches to complement your outfit. NMK05 for a vintage look or NMK04 for a full-black look? The decision is all yours.

The NMK05 included subtle details in a nod to the divers of old. This includes having a red triangle on the black Sub insert, creamy patina lume on the vintage styled Sub dial and matching Sword style hands which heralds to a time from before.


Namokimods nmk05 indicesAbove: Superluminova C3 formula with added yellow pigments for long lasting vintage look(Source: Romeo’s watches)



However, if you are not into the vintage look, take a look at our NMK01, NMK03 and NMK04 watches which all feature modern looks. The NMK01 and NMK03 introduce a high quality fitted FKM rubber strap with a milled clasp while the NMK04 uses a PVD Black Oyster Bracelet with DLC Coating on Buckle.

Above: For those who prefer modern dive watches, our watches comes in 3 other colours(Source: Namoki)


Getting to try a unique style minus the effort needed to do it yourself from scratch? We love it!



Still unsure about owning one of our ready-to-wear watches? Check out this awesome video and blog post by Romeo’s Watches, where he reviews our NMK05 with all the nitty gritty details that you might want to know before you make a purchase.



March 14, 2021 — Jia Yi Ho


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