There are many holidays in a year, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undoubtedly two of the most important for online businesses. If you are a Seiko modder that designs and builds watches for other people for a living, you’ll pick up some marketing tips to increase your customers and sales during this busy season in this post.

According to ConsumerDecisions, an estimated 71% of people shop during Black Friday, and that’s just in the US alone. If you can take even just a small cut of that pie, you’re almost guaranteed to be profitable, but it’s not going to be as easy as just slapping some discounts on your products or services and calling it a day.


Source: CNBC


Everyone around you will be doing the same thing.

If everything is discounted, then there really isn’t any reason for a customer to buy specifically from you. Not unless you can make yourself stand out from the professional modding crowd and get the people’s attention.

Let’s get right to the marketing tips for Seiko modders for BFCM!

Preparation is the Key to Success

Ideally, you’d have as much time as you need to prepare for the big event. The common suggestion online is to allot a month for prep time, but this may not be necessary for small businesses. Depending on how busy you are in the weeks before actual Black Friday, you can whip up a good promotion strategy in 1-2 weeks.


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Are you going to be doing everything by yourself, or are you working with someone to help you? If you’re not too busy doing the modding yourself, then that’s more reason for you to step up your marketing game and get those orders!

Before the week leading up to BFCM, you would ideally have already prepared the following:

  1. Scheduled posts - if you’re not getting that much traffic yet, you’d want to post as much as you can so people can see your content. Post testimonials, repost your most popular builds in the past months, and think of deals and promotions that you can do for Black Friday weekend and the coming holiday season.
  2. Creatives - If you’re like most modders who promote their content and services on Instagram, you’ll know that a good picture with a witty or insightful caption is a good way to get eyes on you. You can even try styling up your images with platforms like Canva or Adobe Spark to get more attention. If you can create video content (which we think is underutilized in the Seiko modding niche), that would be even better. A simple wristroll or multi-angle product shots compiled into a video can work.
  3. An FAQ - If your marketing strategy ends up being successful and you get the leads and inquiries you were hoping for, make sure to prepare an FAQ for their easy reference. It should contain what promotions you’re offering, how to place an order, return and refund policy, and steps to do after availing your services at the very least.

What’s your Deal?

The National Retail Foundation in the USA reports that 36% of customers decide to buy something they were not initially thinking of getting after being offered a limited-time sale or promotion. That means of all promotions you’ve done all year, you have to think up the most irresistible offers during BFCM.



Source: Magesolution


Buy one, get one deals is one of the most persuasive offers a shop can offer, but this may be impractical for watch modders to offer. Instead, you can offer discounts for your customer to take advantage of. Watch parts are not exactly cheap, but they should get cheaper as watch part suppliers will surely be offering deals on their items during Black Friday.

Of course, namokiMODS is one of those suppliers that will be participating in this event, so stay tuned for our announcements!



Free shipping is another promotion that you should think of offering, if you are not offering it already. Additional costs can turn off people from converting so cutting costs for them every way you can will help people to decide to buy modded watches from you.

Another promotion you can do is bundle deals like buy one, get one for a discount. Black Friday shopping season is when people buy gifts for the holiday after all, so offering a bundle deal will appeal to customers who are not just shopping for themselves. An SKX007 - SKX013 couple watch bundle is one idea you may want to think of offering.

How to Market

Since everyone is going to be promoting their own deals, you’ll need a strategy to make yourself heard above all the noise. You will, of course, be utilizing your social media channels for free and organic traffic, but you need to optimize them for BFCM. This means using the right hashtags to make sure your posts reach goes far and wide and are targeted towards the right audience.

Here are some recommended hashtags and variations that you can use together with your usual Seiko mod-related hashtags:

  • #blackfriday
  • #blackfridaysale
  • #blackfridaydeals
  • #cybermonday
  • #cybermondaysale
  • #cybermondaydeals
  • #cyberweek
  • #discounts

Your message should be consistent among all social media channels that you own to make sure that people are seeing your best deals no matter if they look through your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or what have you.


Source: Easy Promos App


Want an easy boost to your follower (and potential customer) count? Black Friday is a good time to host a contest or giveaway to get even more organic exposure to shoppers, and can even give you an edge against competitors.

Having a desirable prize and easy mechanics to enter is the key to a successful giveaway. For Seiko modders, offering a complete watch is a surefire way to hype up your audience. For the ways to enter, asking them to follow you and like or share your giveaway post is usually enough to get you the traffic you need to make it worthwhile. 


Source: Impact Branding & Design


You can even partner up with brands who may be willing to sponsor the giveaway in exchange for sending some traffic their way.

Also consider offering your promotions early to your previous or repeat customers. Someone who has transacted with you before is more likely to avail your Seiko modding services again compared to a stranger. If you just give them a good deal on their next mod with you, many of them will be likely to take up your offer. 

Wrap Up

Are you excited for Black Friday yet modfam? Do you think you are already prepared for the biggest sale event of the year? If you have only recently started as a professional modder and this is your first time experiencing BFCM Weekend, just know that it is not only the best time in a year to get orders - it is also the best time to get followers!

Make the most of it by pushing out as much content as you can, and they don’t all have to be promotional! Even sharing interesting and related posts will get you organic traffic, which can also get you leads down the line.

We hope these tips are helpful to you, and we wish you a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

If you’re waiting for namokiMODS’s BFCM deals, we’ll be sharing announcements soon so keep an eye on your inbox and our social media channels. Happy modding!

November 24, 2021 — Jeremiah A

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