Did you know that in its earliest days, wearing a wristwatch was considered feminine? Ladies were the primary wearers of wristwatches until these were used in the military, so infantrymen can check the time hands-free. Since then, watches have become a male dominated niche, and it is only recently that women’s watches are coming back to the spotlight.

And when it comes to modding, the ratio of men to women becomes even more disproportionate. When we think of women’s watches, we think of dainty straps, decorative dials with gemstones, and jewels - a combination of function and attention-grabbing appeal. Such parts are not very common in the modding scene.



That said, ladies are not entirely cut off from modding and there are still part combinations that make for good horlogerie féminine. In this article, we look at how you can make a woman’s modded watch.

Main Differences Between Men and Women’s Watches

Size (Wrist and Case)

Women’s watches are smaller than men’s watches. 

This is explained by the size difference between men's and women's wrists; men's wrists are much larger than women's. Women's watches must be designed in a smaller size to fit the wrist shape.



The diameter of women's watch cases range from 28mm to 32mm. In comparison, men's watch cases range in size from 34 to 45mm, and even larger. 

Because it can enhance a small wrist and is suitable for mixing and matching with various accessories, the small case is quite common in many women's watch collections.


Numbers and Features

When it comes to women’s timepieces, timekeeping is the main function and styling is the close second. The watch must also work as jewelry. Dials do not have to be the most legible, as long as they are a beauty to look at.


Source: Cartier


On the other hand, men constantly seek out additional useful functions to support their work and personal lives. They see a watch mainly as a tool, thus many have unique features like a perpetual calendar or a Chronograph, or even a dial that displays day and night hours at a glance. 

Style (Mostly dressy looks)

The style, and sometimes the design, is another feature that distinguishes men's and women's watches. Women's watches are designed with an emphasis on feminine ideals, so the design cues are elegance, and grace.

Watches with ultra-thin leather straps or crocodile-free smooth leather straps appeal to a diverse range of female personalities. 

Not only that, but one of the most popular designs is the fancy leaf-shaped dial or the concentric ray shape combined with a pearl or diamond encrusted dial.


Source: Monochrome Watches


Men's watches are frequently tough, angular, and functional in design. There are, however, slim and delicate designs that capture the latest trends. 

Guys prefer designs with simple round and rectangular dials or more innovative designs with large metal straps, mesh straps, or leather straps. 

Many men who enjoy novelty have been drawn to watches that reveal the mechanical movement through the dial, which is a great look. 



Color is also used to differentiate between men's and women's watches. To demonstrate masculinity and strength in each design line, men's watches are commonly filtered in dark colors such as black or gray.

Women's timepieces are generally brighter in color, such as yellow and red. The color options are certainly wider. These colors will be used to spruce up luxurious outfits and other accessories for women. 


 Source: GMT Post


There are product lines that are plated with gold, particularly rose gold, which is very attractive. Rare, unusual, and one-of-a-kind colors such as red, camel, blue, and beige appeal to many ladies.

However, there are many products that are similar in color and design but differ only in size; these watches are frequently double watches. There are also colors that are suitable for both men and women, such as white or gray, and some pastels.


Modding a Lady’s Watch

Modding a lady’s watch is simple, as we’ve learned about the signature features of women’s watches. There are also more modding parts on the market today, so creating a lady’s watch is easier than ever. 

Here are four ways to mod a lady’s watch.


Use smaller cases

The case will most often define the entire look of the watch. It is also the part that has close contact with the skin. Women’s wrists are mostly smaller than men’s wrists so smaller cases are ideal to build watch mod parts. 

Since diver’s watches are the most common type of case available, and are mostly designed with angular cuts, your best bet is to use a field watch case coupled with a clean bezel. The smallest common size is 38mm.

Use rose gold parts

Rose gold, although also seen in men’s timepieces, is a feminine color and one of the most popular choices when buying gifts for ladies. The metal is also a favorite in addition to traditional gold and platinum.

Using rose gold parts can enhance the beauty of a woman’s skin, regardless of skin tones. Rose gold also looks amazing when combined with precious stones. 


Go for a dressier style

Source: u/MoustacheMonke on Reddit


Choosing a dressy style over a flashy one is like being attractive without trying to be attractive. You can always opt for fancy parts, and add a little sparkle to the bezel. Go for a sunburst dial and pair it with a more subtle handset like a Grand Seiko style handset to balance out the look.

The key is not overdoing the look. The harmonious combination of watch spare parts’ colors and materials, as well as the connection  between the wearer and their watch is what makes it look great.


Leather or Fabric Strap

A leather strap is a popular material because it hugs the wrist while giving a sense of comfort to the wearer. Leather watch straps that are both durable and luxurious are very popular today. 

The only drawback is its durability in extreme weather conditions or temperatures.

Fabric straps are also widely used, and give a youthful vibe. A fabric watch strap is often used by young people, although previously it was only popular in the military, which is something that changed over time.


Watch Modding can be Fun for Anyone 

Watches are also a necessity for ladies. A nice watch will add elegance, charm, personality, and substance to anyone. Choosing a suitable watch, on the other hand, is never easy. So if you have the chance to make your own, we suggest that you go for it!

We have an extensive collection of modding spare parts that are perfect for servicing an old watch, or modding your way to glory. 

If you love Seiko mod watches, you are in the right place. Look at all the options we have for watch lovers, and find your inspiration! 

August 24, 2022 — Jeremiah A


William said:

I love the look of a sleek, feminine watch on the wrist of a beautiful woman! My wife doesn’t care for a scaled down men’s watch. I wish there were more options for building feminine watches. Oh, well!!!

Sean said:

My wife hates generic “girly” watches and most female watch enthusiasts actually are on the same boat. Most of them just want a smaller version of the same watch, this post is just demeaning and out of era.

Jules said:

You can do better. Watches don’t have gender unless YOU assign it. Your description of what makes a “lady’s watch” exactly matches most vintage “men’s dress watches”. Time and fashion evolve…. so should binary language.

David said:

The difficulty I have is in the extremely limited supply of parts for modding smaller watches. 36mm is a little large for my daughters still and finding parts for anything smaller is nearly impossible without mixing and matching parts from dead donor watches. Any tips on where to find mod parts for ladies watches?

Jackson Siu said:

Thanks for writing this. I recently got into watch repairs/mods etc and wanted to build a nice automatic for my wife. I have found it is definitely harder to find kits for women watches and so I have to do a little more research. I’ll likely have to source everything I need individually, which will take a little more time than I was planning for.

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