Chapter rings make it easier to read the time on a watch, but the term isn’t well understood, even in the watch community. 

A chapter ring is often mistaken to be the inner bezel ring which surrounds the space between the dial and the crystal. The term chapter ring is commonly misused when referring to the rehaut, and just the rehaut. 



In practical usage, the term chapter ring refers to a ring around the dial, or the hour markers, and they can be on the edge of the dial, or the rehaut. 

In the world of Seiko Mods, the term is often used for the rehaut, as Seiko SKX divers’ have the minute markets on the rehaut. 

Seiko Mod Watches can use hour markers on the rehaut, like the OEM SKX007. Let’s jump into the world of Seiko chapter rings, so you choose the right kind for your next Seiko mod. 


What Is A Chapter Ring?

Most chapter rings have a simple minute track, and may have a circle connecting them. Some purists say that the chapter ring has to have a circle, but in the world of Seiko terminology, this isn’t the case. 

It may help you to take a look at our selection of chapter rings, so you see all the different kinds we offer. While some are blank and lack markers, we still consider them chapter rings for the sake of brevity! 


Things to Consider

Although a chapter ring is a tiny detail, it can add style and functionality to a timepiece when you select a design or color that suits your watch build.

A Seiko SKX007 mod can use just about anything in terms of style, and the chapter ring can have markers, numerals, or be completely blank. 

There are also various colors including sandblasted gold, polished rose gold, polished gold, orange, or brushed gold available.

Wondering what kind of chapter ring will be the perfect fit for your Seiko mod?

We have some tips that you may want to consider before getting started.


With markers or no?

A chapter ring can have markers that help you to read the time, which is a great feature on a sports watch. These markers can be lines, numbers, or other symbols.

However, if the dial and bezel insert already have a minute track, you can skip the marks on the rehaut , and keep the look clean. For Rolex homage builds, this is a great idea, as it closely resembles the steel rehaut on a Rolex sports watch. 



In addition, with minute marks on the dial, chapter ring, and bezel insert, all the lines may not be 100% perfectly aligned, and the overall look will suffer. 

This is true for aftermarket and OEM parts. That said, having markers on the chapter ring when the dial and bezel insert already have them, can  help with legibility, if you don’t mind fine tuning the alignment of all the parts. 


Lumed or non-lumed?


Similar to the bezel insert, it is not necessary to use a lumed chapter ring as the dial markers probably already glow like a torch. However, if you want to use a dial without lume, a lumed chapter ring can help you tell the time in the dark - as long as the hands are lumed. 


Which color to pick


The color of the chapter ring can just follow the theme of the watch, but it can also add a visual break that does not affect the legibility of the watch in any way. 

For example, having a bright orange chapter ring on an all-black build will add a touch of vibrancy without making it look tacky. 

If you want more emphasis to be put on the face of the watch, keep your chapter ring in a neutral color like PVD black or just plain stainless steel. Plain stainless steel works for Rolex - so it should be ok for a custom build! 


Which Finish..?


As for the finish on a chapter ring, you must consider the overall style of the watch. If your case is polished, you might try a matte chapter ring to create contrast. Also consider the dial, and color scheme. Look for examples online, and make a conscious decision about your design. 


The Right Chapter Ring for Your Mod

There is zero doubt that your personal preference is the most important thing when choosing a chapter ring. 

You might have overlooked this aspect of watch design up to this point, but now you will notice every chapter ring and rehaut when you look at watches. 

In addition to using the right chapter ring for a given look, like a brushed steel chapter ring for a Rolex homage, you can also use some of our more innovative chapter rings to create new watch designs. 

For example, our lumed gunmetal finish SKX chapter ring would look amazing with a stealth build, and when the lights go out, another part of the design would shine brightly. 

Be creative, and make something you love!


Your Watch, Your Way

There are loads of watch mod parts out there, but few makers bring the passion and dedication to quality that we have at namokiMODS. 

Finding quality parts for your watch modding is super easy with us, and we are constantly creating new parts, so you can push the envelope of aftermarket watch modding. 

Of course, we also have loads of Watch spare parts, and OEM Seiko spare parts in our online catalog. Don’t bother with sup standard parts, check with us first, and build a watch that will last a lifetime. 

Happy modding!

November 02, 2022 — Jeremiah A


Joe hare said:

I can’t not put this watch together because I can not fine a chapter ring that fits this mm300 case. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joe

Joe hare said:

I have just started with this watch mod stuff. The biggest problem I am having is what size. Chapter ring to buy for a mm300 case. The other problem is , are all crystals pressed in . I notice the kit watches the crystal is part of watch. Which is better and why. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

tomi dean ismail said:

hi, hello there.
I have a Seiko semo hulk green, I would like to do a mod to change it to Rolex submariner size 44mm. Either in black or green. Could you share the quote price for this to be done? I am also based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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