Since its debut in 1996, the Seiko SKX line has become a gateway mechanical diver watch for watch collectors as it offered incredible value for the money. 

The most popular model in the line is the SKX007, a 43mm, black dial, black bezel version, which some think of as an homage to the iconic Submariner.

This version was remixed a handful of times to accommodate differing tastes of collectors. One of these models is the SKX013, also known as the smaller, 38mm version of the SKX007.

The SKX007’s Baby Brother

While the SKX007 may be big for some, the SKX013 comes with a smaller look with its 38mm x 13mm size which is the ideal choice for those with small wrists.


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The SKX013 uses the robust in-house automatic 7s26 movement and has an ISO-rated water resistance of 200m. The screw-down crown at four o’clock has hefty crown guards on either side, which help to define the model’s style.  

The crystal is made of Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex material, which is great for divers. If you were looking for an affordable small dive watch, the Seiko SKX013 used to be one of the best options.


The SKX013 Parts

Case and Bezel

Built out of stainless steel, the SKX013’s alternate brushed and polished surfaces suck you right in. It has a nice case design, featuring curved shapes, with almost flat lugs when seen from the side.


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A polished chamfer runs along both sides of the top of the case and the classy appearance of the bezel grip, with its matte squares and polished surfaces. 

You might think that 13 mm thick is a bit much for a 38 mm case, but it is just enough to make it water resistant to 200 m, look tough, and feel great on the wrist.

The best thing about its bezel is its insert, with dots all around the bezel, like the old-school Seiko divers. 

In addition, the watch comes with a practical and tough-looking screw-down case back. You will see a very cool embossed wave on the case back that looks like a tsunami wave, which many think was inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa.


Dial and Hands

The SKX013 dial is a very cool matte dark gray that contrasts with the rest of the watch, especially because the bezel is pure black. This design also enhances legibility in all conditions.


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At 3 o’clock, you will find the day and date window in white. At 6 o’clock, the text “Diver’s 200m” is etched in orange and red.

All in all, the SKX013 has a very spartan look with no applied logos or fancy stuff. It is pure, unadulterated Japanese efficiency.

The SKX007 and the SKX013 share the same style of hour and minute hands. However, the second hand on the SKX013 is a little different, and some people prefer the hands on the SKX013.

In addition, The Hardlex crystal on the SKX line is very functional. There are good looking distortions achieved at the edge of the dial, which accentuate the vintage look of the watch.

For some, the dial and hands of the SKX013 might not be appealing, but they are certainly quite functional, with lume that will make this watch legible under almost any conditions. 


Bracelet and Clasp

The SKX013 has a Jubilee bracelet fitted to the case, and it looks great. Jubilee bracelets are very comfortable thanks to their small links, this one is no exception.


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The polished center links also give this bracelet a luxurious appearance, and the bracelet features enough removable links to fit a 5.25-inch wrist.

The clasp enables micro-adjustments to allow you to find the perfect size for your wrist. This is nice to have in summer and winter. It also has a double locking system, so it won’t come off until you want it to.


Why Do People Like This Baby Version of The SKX007?

First of all, the SKX013 was an affordable small dive watch that delivered excellent performance. 

The value proposition was unmatchable as you can wear it in both casual and business environments. Of course, as an ISO-certified diver, it can be used for actual diving without a problem. 


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You’ll be sure to get some nods from watch enthusiasts who know and love the SKX line with a SKX013. The Seiko SKX013 is also an iconic piece that has a toolish and classy look.

Like the SKX007, the SKX013 looks great, and was probably one of the best value dive watches in the world when it was in production. 


The Seiko SKX Line is Perfect for Practicing Watch Modding

Seiko mods rock, and the brand is always a great choice for modding. There are loads of options for anyone who likes Seiko Mod Watches. 

There’s no doubt that the Seiko SKX007 has the widest range of mod parts available, from the multitude of bezel and bezel insert options, domed sapphire crystals, crowns, or a sapphire display caseback. 


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With our extensive catalog of watch parts, you can build anything you imagine. If you have an old SKX013, we have a new movement that is a major upgrade, and all the parts to make something unique. We do offer many SKX013 Watch spare parts, so you can mod an old SKX013, or even build one from the ground up, just like a SKX007 mod. 

In addition to basic cases and bezels, we have loads of other case designs, and parts that take inspiration from some of the most recognizable watch designs out there. 

At namokiMODS, we create some of the best aftermarket parts for Seiko, and we also have a range of OEM Seiko spare parts. If you love smaller watches, look at all the cases and other parts that are compatible with the SKX013. 

Happy modding!

September 13, 2022 — Jeremiah A


Ed said:

Late response to Joe, but check out the SBCM023, aka 8F35-00A0, quartz, and perpetual calendar as a bonus

Joe said:

Can you mod an skx013 with a quartz movement? I want the 38-39mm size case but with quartz movement, not an automatic. Thoughts?

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