The Seiko SKX007 has become an icon in the Seiko mod community. Not only does it look great, there are also a huge number of parts that can be used in Seiko SXK007 mods. Seiko mods are a lot of fun, and they are always unique.

Similar to an artist who paints a beautiful scene, many watch enthusiasts want to explore their creativity through modding a unique watch.


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If you are getting bored because wearing the same SKX007 mod is getting old, it might be time to think about a new dial. The dial is a big part of how a watch looks, and if you like SKX007 mods, there are loads of dials to choose from. 

We have some recommended dials to make your new mods feel much more unique. Let’s take a look!


Classic Dials / OEM Seiko

Many watch lovers adore vintage watches as their designs stand the test of time. Seiko has a long history of making beautiful dials, and there are some Seiko dials that really stand out. While vintage Seiko dials can be very expensive, we have some top quality dials that use Seiko-inspired designs that are sure to please. 


Sakura Dials

At namokiMODS, we offer Sakura dials with a silver finish that feature a design that reminds us of a cherry blossom. The dial also reminds us of the Seiko Zimbe series with limited editions exclusive to Thailand. 


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Since its launch in 2016, the Zimbe series has caught high interest from collectors and enthusiasts from over the world.

Now you can use this amazing looking dial on SKX007 mods, or any mod that uses a 4R35, or other compatible movement. The dial also features C3 Super-LumiNova® Lume, so you won’t have any problems reading the time at night. 


Marinemaster Dials

This Marinemaster-inspired dial is filled with a unique blend of luminous paint pigments to produce a lume that appears black in the day and glows green in the dark. With this MM Black Lume dial, you can add the feel of the Marinemaster 300 to your mods.


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In early 2016, Seiko announced the Prospex Marinemaster 300 SLA021J1, a green dial version of the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017. Not only that, but the new version of the Marinemaster also had some new improvements onboard, like a sapphire crystal.

Now you can take the Marinemaster design to the next level with our line of MM dials. 


Prospex Save the Ocean Dials

The Seiko Prospex SRPE33 and SRPE39 dive watches are designed with attractive dial decoration, celebrating the brand’s partnership with the Save the Ocean charity.


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Whether it’s the breaking light of dawn or just from your bedside lamp, any light shining on the dial will let you see its rich blue hue, and it is gorgeous. Not only that, but the way it fades to black at the edges also gives the impression of looking through a small window to the deep ocean. 

These Save the Ocean models have manta rays on a deep blue background, and the overall effect is stunning. 


Homage Dials Inspired by Other Brands

On the other hand, if you fall in love with an iconic timepiece, you can customize your mod watches to be homage pieces. We have loads of dials you can use for homage watches, and the results will be stunning!


Explorer Style Dials

The Explorer has a vast, and intriguing history thanks to nearly 70 years worth of brand-building by Rolex. From its origin story on the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953, the Explorer has always been a watch model that people love.



We offer Explorer-style dials in a range of colors, and if you want to create a white dial Explorer mod, we can help. Our dials are crafted from top quality materials, and follow the modern Explorer design faithfully. 

In addition, our dials are finished with enamel that is polished to a high-gloss finish. Once they are installed behind the glass of a watch, the result is stunning. You can use this dial with an SKX007 case, or other cases to make an homage that is closer to a real field watch.


Nautilus Style Dials

Many think the Patek Philippe Nautilus is the ultimate luxury sports watch, and it has a price tag to match this view. Manufactured almost entirely by hand, each Patek Philippe Nautilus shows the master craftsmanship that goes into producing a Patek.


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This also explains why the waitlist for the Patek Philippe Nautilus is lengthy and most buyers will be on the waiting list for 5-7 years. Patek simply doesn’t produce enough watches to meet demand as so many of these watches are built by hand.

You can now bring the look of the very luxury sports watch to your SKX007 mod with our Nautilus dials. Our dial is in Sunburst green which would be perfect for any Seikonaut build. We offer other colors too, and Nautilus-style cases as well. 


OP Style Dials

Also from Rolex, the Oyster Perpetual has a simple design that carries an air of elegance. Also, the watch looks like a dress watch but has the durability of more sporty models, which makes people love it.



Our glossy enamel Perpetual dials can be a great idea for your homage inspired by this iconic Rolex watch. The bright, pastel color of our dial is super classy and understated which is sure to bring a pop of color to your mod.

We have all the fun colors, and you can make an amazing Oyster Perpetual homage that you will love. 


BlackBay Style Dials

No doubt borrowing heavily from its big brother, Rolex, Tudor creates stellar timepieces and the Tudor Black Bay series is one of the best. The watch was very popular among the diving community because of its accessible prices and robustness.


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It’s often said that the best reason to buy a Tudor is that it is the closest you’ll get to a Rolex without paying Rolex amounts of money for a watch. However, Tudor timepieces have proven that they are fully capable of being their own brand with their own identity.

To help you to build a homage to BlackBay, we have Fifty-Eight dials produced in black and gold colors. These are well-made dials and will not disappoint you. The style we used is going to look great on any diver watch, and with a clearly legible design, this dial is both stylish and functional.


Make Art With SKX007 Mods

Seiko Mod Watches let you create designs you love, and we have all the watch mod parts you need to make great watches. At namokiMODS, we stock OEM Seiko spare parts, as well as loads of other Watch spare parts. Check out our online catalog for more

Happy modding!

February 21, 2023 — Jeremiah A

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