A mechanical watch is not exactly at home at the gym. More often than not, it's better to use a smartwatch during workouts so you can track your heart rate, record the distance you ran, and etc. But that doesn't mean you're out of options if you're strictly a mechanical watch type of guy - you just need to choose the right features.

The truth is - mechanical watches are just as good for physical activities as quartz or smart watches. It is fine to use a mechanical watch when working out, and in some cases, they are better than the alternatives.

There are even mechanical watches designed to be used for physical activities, and they add functionality and style to your workout. Seiko Mod Watches are a great way to make a workout watch that has everything you need!


An Intro to Sports Watches

A sports watch has all the functions and features of a regular wristwatch, but may also include a timer, a tachymeter and heart rate measurement capabilities. 



Depending on the watchmaker's design philosophy, some sports watches can appear rough to fit a harsh environment, while others are more modern and stylish.

Most sports watches are water resistant, including specialist timepieces that can endure high pressure while swimming and diving at varying depths depending on the level of water resistance.

A chronograph is another important function of a sports watch. It is the function that measures time or speed, and it is very useful for exact time measurement at sporting events or races.


Can You Wear Mechanical Watches While Playing Sports?

Wearing mechanical watches during sports practice is fine, but there are a few caveats to be aware of in order to avoid damaging your watch.

Mechanical timepieces built for sports are frequently large and thick. This improves your water resistance and shock resistance, but it can increase wrist weight and strap tightness.



To mitigate this issue, the wearer should select a movement that fits the activity. If you are into racquet based sports, like tennis, make sure the watch you choose has great shock protection.

Smartwatches are capable of notifying us of a variety of critical health indicators while participating in sports, but they lack water resistance, and shock resistance. So a collision may result in screen damage.

The solution is to use smartwatches for mild sports such as running, cycling, and so on.


Choose the Right Strap

Although there are still certain limits, the benefits of using a watch are numerous, especially when we need to exercise a lot and keep track of the time.

When working out, your body will sweat a lot; and if you use a leather strap, it won’t last. A metal strap watch is preferable over leather, and a silicone strap is also good for an active watch.



One of the top-rated strap options for an active watch is a FKM (Fluoroelastomers Rubber) rubber strap. FKM rubber has high density and the capacity to absorb moisture from sweat without leaving an odor.

These straps are created to withstand the harsh conditions of an active environment such as higher temperatures and sweat. NATO bands, on the other hand, have high durability and water-resistant qualities.

Stainless steel, while being a versatile and durable option, is a heavier material. So it may leave your wrist with a heavy feeling.


Recommended Mods for Sporty Builds

There are numerous watches designed specifically for athletes that meet all their needs, while limiting the shortcomings of traditional timepieces. As a result, you can use a watch with total confidence when working out.

The goal of using lightweight metals is to reduce the intense shock that can damage a watch such as an accidental impact with something while moving.

At namokiMODS, we think using titanium parts for less weight and better protection against shocks and dings makes a lot of sense. We also just released slim bezels and crystals that will make the form factor of your watch that much slimmer and a tad lighter.


Source: Time and Tide Watches


In fact, we offer one of the best titanium SKX007 cases on the market, so you can have a water resistant case that is also super light.

For sports that require speed and accuracy in time, the dial is very important. A clear dial will give you accurate information directly without thinking much.

Legibility is important so you can tell the time quickly during a game. We recommend clear and legible dials with big markers, and hands with large lumed areas.

The dial luminosity on sports watches not only supports the wearer when light is low, it also creates style, adding to the look and aesthetics.



Luminous hands are vital for mountaineering, scuba diving, or those who work as divers. You should consider using luminous-coated hands that glow in the dark so you can always see the time clearly and accurately.

If you want to use some amazing aftermarket lumed hands, we have a wide selection for you. Check out all the hands we offer - and the best part is that they will work with many different Seiko watch models.

Also recommended are sapphire crystals. Compared to OEM mineral glass, sapphire has better clarity and is much more resistant to scratches and dings.

There is a reason why major Swiss brands like Rolex, Omega and Breitling all use sapphire crystals, and nothing but sapphire crystals!


Get a Great Mechanical Watch For Your Workouts!

A mechanical watch is a unique option to consider when it comes to working out, and there are a number of mechanical watches that would be perfect for your next workout.

You can use Seiko mods to create the perfect sports watch for the gym, or any physical activity you love. At namokiMODS, we stock loads of watch mod parts for a SKX007 mod, and many others.

Our new slim bezels and sapphire crystals are perfect for an active watch build, and others too. Check out our selection of OEM Seiko spare parts, and other Watch spare parts too.

Happy modding!

November 11, 2022 — Jeremiah A

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