The Seiko 6217-8000/1 was THE original Seiko dive watch. Most of us know it better as the Seiko 62MAS (autoMAtic Selfdater), which is how the Seiko community refers to the original series of Seiko divers. The 62MAS was first issued in 1965, and featured 150m water resistance, as well as classic dive watch markings.


seiko 62mas 6217-8000

Above: The Seiko 6217-8000, nicknamed the 62MAS, in its vintage glory. (Source:


At 37mm in diameter, the thick-lugged 62MAS case was large for the 1960s, but is pretty tame by today's commonly found case sizes. It is smaller than the original Rolex Submariner, and isn't nearly as large as some of the Seiko divers that came after it (looking at you – Tuna).

While the 62MAS was always a huge favorite with collectors, besides some of its dial markings and simple bezel insert font, the 62MAS series didn't do a tremendous amount to influence later models. It is the only Seiko diver to have its crown at the 3 o'clock position, and its unique case design didn't influence the Seiko divers of the following decades.

The 62MAS is also one of the only Seiko divers to have the complete company name “Seiko” printed on the crown, which is a simple touch that adds a lot to the overall feel of the watch.


Seiko 62MAS Crown with Complete Logo

While today's Seiko crowns only show an "S" logo, the 62MAS crown featured the complete company name. (Source: Fratello Watches)


The 62MAS Made New

The 62MAS' heritage in the Seiko line, as well as its stand out design, may be a few of the reasons why Seiko has started to issue models that take major design cues from this classic over the last few years.

The first modern Seiko to take significant inspiration from the 62MAS was the SPB053, which while similar to the 62MAS – was much larger at 42.5mm, and also sported a set of Marine Master hands (the “arrow” hour hand version). The SPB053 also sports a crown at 3 o'clock, and its case was very similar in style to the reference watch. Not exactly the spitting image of the 62MAS, but it did give anyone who wanted a modern version a very nice option.


seiko prospex spb053

Pictured: The SPB053 - Seiko's first modern release that alluded to the 62MAS (Source: @chrono.watch1 on IG)


A few years later, Seiko opted to release another model, with many calling it a Seiko 62MAS Reissue. The Seiko SPB14- series is clearly meant to update the 62MAS for the modern world, and closely resembles the original in terms of design.

Of course, the SPB14- series is larger, coming in with a diameter of 40.5mm, but otherwise, it's a perfect example of how a vintage watch can be made modern. It replaces the 62MAS's aluminum bezel with a ceramic one, and features a sapphire crystal.


seiko prospex spb143 spb145 spb147 spb149 62MAS reissue

The Seiko SPB143, SPB145, SPB147, and SPB149 are dubbed the 62MAS reissue, and rightfully so. (Source: Hodinkee)


The SPB14- series initially featured four models, with the SPB143 being the closest to the original 62MAS. The brown dialed version is also extremely attractive, although the entire series is a wonderful display of Seiko's watchmaking prowess.

One design point that a Seiko fan may notice is missing on all of the newer models is the 62MAS's grey-green dial, which was only included on the super-premium SLA017 diver. The SLA017 also had a price tag that put you in Grand Seiko territory – but there are lots of ways to create an amazing 62MAS inspired watch without breaking the bank.


Making Your Own 62MAS Mod – What Makes the Build Work?

If you want to build your own 62MAS, NamokiMODS has you covered. Seiko mods are easy with our wide selection of parts!

Our 62MAS Watch Case in Polished Steel, AKA the NMK911, is the perfect base for any 62MAS build. It actually takes SKX007 mod parts, so you aren't stuck choosing from a small selection of available parts.


namoki seiko mod part nmk911 62mas watch case

Our NMK911 case is the perfect base for your 62MAS mod, and is compatible with all SKX007 mod parts.


The NMK911 has a diameter of 41mm, so it is very close to the Seiko SPB14- series. It is just 12mm thick (the bezel and crystal will add thickness), and has standard 20mm lugs, so you can find the right rubber strap to complete the 62MAS look you are going for.

Seiko limits its customers to a stainless steel case for 62MAS style watches, but we have a range of finishes for you to choose from, like rose gold, gold, or PVD NMK911 cases. We also offer an SKX007 sapphire crystal with a top hat design, which is perfect for the vintage look of the 62MAS.


Get the Details You Want

If you opt to use the NMK911 62MAS style case from NamokiMODS, you can put any SKX007 bezel, SKX007 bezel insert, and SKX007 sapphire crystal on the case – and we have some amazing options for you to choose from.

For a look that stays true to the original 62MAS, you can use this ceramic bezel we offer in both black and blue. Clearly, one of the best parts of Seiko mods is making a watch that is unique to you, so you can also consider other bezels we make, like this vintage Submariner insert, which has a red triangle that would complement the vintage look of the 62MAS.

If you want to stay true to the original as much as possible, the coin edge bezel is the way to go. In addition to polished stainless steel, we also have a sandblasted finish coin edge bezel, as well as gold, rose gold, and PVD plated versions to choose from.

For an updated look, check out our MM300 bezel. It has a similar feel to the classic coin edge, but much larger ridges. We also have a knurled bezel that would work with an updated 62MAS style build!



 And of course, if you want to skip the modding part and just want to go straight to the wear it and enjoy it part, you can take a look at our 62MAS full watches here.

The 62MAS Mods Well

The 62MAS has a timeless look, even if it isn't as unique as some of the other Seiko divers. With a crown at 3 o'clock, and a more normal case shape, the 62MAS base can be used to achieve a number of styles when you build it yourself.

We have all the parts to create a classic looking 62MAS with modern parts, but there are also ways to utilize the extensive selection of Seiko skx007 parts that are out there to make a great looking 62MAS based watch.


seiko mod namoki parts 62mas build

(Source: u/Atlas_Hound on Reddit)


The above build used NamokiMODS parts to create a 62MAS style watch that swapped a Turtle dial for the original with applied markers. It has a great look, and shows how versatile the 62MAS can be when a builder gets a little creative.

It is also easy to go out in a new direction with a 62MAS build, and update the design of the watch to suit your tastes. This next build used the 62MAS case we produce, but opted for one of our steel bezels to totally change the overall feel of the watch.


Seiko 62MAS build with NMK911 case

(Source: Four_Forty_Four_PM on YT)


Seiko mods are a great way to create the watches you want, with the parts you want. NamokiMODS has some of the best selections of Seiko mod parts in the world, and can help you find top quality parts that will ensure your new custom watch is up to the standards you need. Happy Modding, Modfam!

May 07, 2021 — Jeremiah Nmk

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