It's impossible to talk about watches without the Rolex Submariner coming up. The Submariner is likely the most iconic watch there is –  especially in the world of sports watches. Since it was introduced in the 1950s, it has been a trend-setting timepiece.


Rolex Submariner 6204

Above: The OG Rolex Submariner, ref. 6204. Beautiful, even some 70 years later. (Source: Monochrome Watches)


A Seiko SKX Submariner mod is a great way to tap into the style of a Submariner without having to deal with exorbitant Rolex prices, or their years-long waitlist just for the opportunity to purchase the watch. Furthermore, there's a serious lack of aftermarket parts. Nobody's modifying a $10,000 Rolex (I think...). Building your own custom SKX007 Submariner-style mod opens up the door to loads of options, as we supply a wide range of Seiko mod parts for such a build.

With our NMK909 Submariner style case and mod parts, you can create a SKX007 Submariner mod that is true to your own vision, at a fraction of the price of a Rolex Submariner. In addition, you can forget about sky-high prices for service, as our Seiko Submariner case uses rock solid Seiko movements (like the NH36 movements that we sell - these guys don't stop working!).


Making a SKX Submariner mod Your Own Way

Let's face it – a SKX007 Submariner mod could be one of the most attractive Seiko mod ideas out there.

Unlike many SKX mods, a SKX007 Submariner mod starts with a new case that uses standard SKX parts. You can use the old case for another project, or just buy all the parts you need without starting with a donor SKX. If you need to know all the parts you need to build a full watch from scratch, this checklist may come in handy.

We feature both steel and polished PVD Seiko submariner cases that make a great starting point for any skx submariner mod. Our NMK909 case takes Seiko OEM and aftermarket skx parts, so you don't have to compromise your vision due to a lack of parts options.

The classic Submariner look is easy to achieve, and we can set you up with the correct Mercedes handset, and Submariner style stainless steel bezel – but you aren't limited to this style in the slightest.


Finding the Right Look

Rolex has been experimenting with the Submariner for decades, and both the Submariner and Yachtmaster can offer you inspiration for a SKX Submariner style mod.


Two Tone Submariner Yachtmaster build

Above: Two-Tone Yachtmaster x Sub style build by @nxnmods (Source: @nxnmods on Instagram)


This SKX submariner mod by @nxnmods on Instagram uses a black case with gold accents, like the gold bezel and crown, to create a SKX Submariner build that feels a lot like the latest generation of gold Yachtmasters, and yet with its own unique flavor. It has a beautiful waffle textured dial that sets off the build, and pairs fantastically with the polished and brushed finishing of the black case.


Seiko Submariner Build with OEM Dial mod

Above: Submariner style mods featuring original Seiko dials. Looks like a pretty natural pairing! (Source: @fathertime_watches on Instagram)


If you want to go in the direction of a classic Rolex sports case, but want to mix it up a little, consider using a dial that didn't come off of a diver. These builds show how a field dial can work perfectly in a SKX Submariner case, or how a stock Seiko dial can be used in a SKX Sub build.

Of course, you may want to use a dial that is very similar to the original Submariner, and we have the perfect option for you. Our Divemaster dial is a perfect fit for a skx007 submariner mod, and our Stealth Divemaster looks amazing with the black NMK909 case. With some skeleton or snowflake hands, you'll have yourself a really good-looking Submariner style build, that still retains some originality.


Creating a New SKX Submariner

The SKX Submariner case is extremely versatile (no wonder that it has inspired generations of Submariner-esque watches) and we would encourage you to take a look at all the bezel, bezel insert, and case options that are out there for you to choose from.


Seamaster Submariner build

Above: A mish-mash of a few different styles, and yet everything ties together well (Source: @fathertime_watches on Instagram)


For example, this build shows how an Omega Planet Ocean style bezel insert can be used with a SKX Sub case and a Seiko dial. If you like the orange second hand (we love it), we can help you find the right handset to realize your custom SKX vision.

Take a look through our extensive selection of bezel inserts to have a better idea of your options, and gain a little inspiration before you set out to build a SKX submariner mod.

We also offer a full rose gold SKX Submariner case, which you can match with one a molded rubber straps to pull off a classy mod that looks as good as it feels on the wrist.

The options are truly endless, and that's what makes this hobby both fun, as well as a tad intimidating! If you need a bit of guidance on how to plan out your very own SKX007 Submariner style watch build, keep on reading.


The Base Case: SKX007 Submariner Mod

You should plan out your SKX submariner mod by thinking about the parts you will use, so nothing gets overlooked once you start in on the build.

Here are the parts you will need for a SKX007 submariner mod:

Case set

As we mentioned, the skx submariner mod uses a custom case that has to be bought from an aftermarket supplier. While our NMK909 cases will take SKX parts, there is no OEM case that will allow you to create a SKX submariner. We sell full cases with the crystal, bezel, bezel insert, and case back if you want to do all your shopping in one place.


Our case set will take any standard Seiko 28.5mm dial, whether it is aftermarket or OEM. You can use any dial that fits a 7S or 4R movement, and you can also opt for a date only version. We offer some pretty cool options to choose from, or you can hit up the used market for a Seiko dial you like. Dials are the centerpiece of your watch, so choose this wisely.

Hand set

You will need to choose a handset for your build. The classic mercedes hands are available on our site, and you can also look at other options – like Tudor style snowflake hands, or other options as well. Believe it or not, classic 62MAS style hands look great on a SKX Sub build, especially if you opt for a vintage Seiko dial with printed markers.

Not down to DIY? We've got you covered.

Seiko SKX007 submariner mods may be one of the most popular Seiko modding ideas at the moment - and it's not hard to understand why. But if you don't want to jump into the world of watch modding just yet, you might want to check out our pre-built SKX submariners.


Ready to wear fully modded watches


For the DIY-averse watch lover that wants their very own SKX Submariner, but doesn't want to build the watch themselves, these watches will be the perfect foundation to start with. All these watches are built with our industry-leading aftermarket parts, and powered by that reliable workhorse NH movement that we all know and love.

We think our ready-to-wear SKX submariner mods are among the best in the marketplace, and offer you amazing value for the money. Plus, if you ever decide that you want to switch up the look of your watch, these Ready to Wear watches are 100% compatible with all the SKX007 parts that we sell. Easy peasy.

If you're now inspired to embark on a new watch build, check out our all the Seiko mod parts that we sell, and don't be afraid to reach out to us at with any questions you may have. Happy modding, modfam!


January 21, 2021 — Glen H

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