NMK01 Automatic Dive Watch: YM Black with Fitted Rubber Strap

S$538.00 S$508.00

Namoki NMK01 42mm Automatic Dive Watch with AR Double Dome Sapphire Crystal and Fitted FKM Milled Clasp Rubber Strap 

We wanted to do something special this Black Friday and keeping in line with our tradition of launching modded watches, we made a collection of dive watches with our latest NMK909 Submariner SKX Case that we think you'd love!

The NMK01 features one of the most popular mod looks these days - the Yachtmaster. It's so popular we even did a feature on it on our blog!

We took this up a notch with the introduction of a fitted FKM rubber strap with a milled clasp that'll stay comfy on your wrist all day long. FKM is the highest quality rubber grade and is commonly used in Rolex and Omega watches.


  • NMK909 42mm Brushed/Polished Submariner SKX Case
  • NMK302 Clear AR Double-domed No Bevel Edge Sapphire Crystal
  • NH36A from SII - Hacking and Winding movement
  • Black YM Bezel Insert
  • Black FKM Rubber Strap with Milled Clasp
  • Water Resistant to 200m

Our NMK01 Automatic Dive Watch is built up of our components and can be further modified/customized - it's compatible with all aftermarket SKX007/SRPD Seiko 5 Parts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
More than expected.

Around a week ago I have added Namoki NMK01 to my collection. Since then it is the only watch on my wrist and I am reluctant to take it off.
Here are some thoughts on the watch:
1. Case.
The watch is quite thick. It feels comfortable to wear. There is wrist presence, but it does not feel too heavy. It fits good under a casual jacket's sleeve. The crown is rather big and easy to grab, with the crown guards. The back of the watch does not have any engravings, so it could be engraved when giving it as a gift. The sides of the case are polished, the lugs are brushed.
2. Strap.
Made of black rubber, fitting the case without any empty spots. Looks like 21 narrowing to 16 mm. The clasp has lock protection, and is easy to operate. No diver's extension and no easy extension option is there. It is made of solid steel and reminds me of a Longines Hydroconquest clasp.
3. Face.
The face is black matte, which looks great together with the black matte strap and the matte and polished bezel insert.
Speaking of design, I consider the Mercedes hands and the combination of applied round, baton and triangle indexes the best setup in terms of legibility. I used to own a Rolex Explorer II and have missed this combination for quite some time.
This is not a maxi-dial of a Yacht-master, the indexes are smaller and remind me of the current GMT-Master or Submariner. The lume is quite average, with green hue.
4. Mechanism
The date changes at probably 1 minute to midnight. The time measurement is very precise, surprisingly. The timegrapher showed that the watch is late for only 1,3 seconds per day, with 0.1ms beat error, and 247 degree amplitude. This is far better than expected.

Overall, the watch looks and works great. It does not feel a copy of a Yacht-master, but an item of quality, style and reliability in its own right. Highly recommended.

Great Buy~!

I've been wanting a yachtmaster 42 style watch for years. but I can't bring myself to mod my skx into it. until I saw this NMK01. comparing the case mirror finish with my tudor blackbay gmt mirror finish, shows that the polishing quality could be improved, and for a subs style case, this watch case is quite tall plus, the dial had matte finish, my only wish is that this case could be slimmer and had the black glossy enamel finish dial. but for the price and considering that this watch can be modded further in the future, makes it more worth more. overall, it's really comfortable to wear, thanks to the FKM rubber straps, and I can change the clasp into my strapcode 18mm subs bracelet makes it even more comfy :D